How motivation catalyses innovation – Learn from this Changemaker!

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The unprecedented growth of the ed-tech industry is being driven by a need to cater to the ever-evolving job market. Key players are pushing innovations to grab a larger share of the continuously burgeoning market. 

To achieve this, an amalgamation of intelligent automated tools and a passionate mind are absolutely critical. My changemaker combines these two aspects to offer learners way more than just another certificate off of the internet. ‘Bee’ with me, as we take a deep dive into my changemaker’s accomplishments, plans, and more.

Meet the Director-Engineering at upGrad, Rinku Singhal. 

Penchant for the ed-tech industry

Even in 2021, only a few women can accelerate their careers in engineering. Rinku is one of the many women who aimed to break this norm.

While growing up, Rinku shared a strong proclivity towards teaching. Eventually, combined with her love of technology and her zeal to ensure education becomes more accessible compelled her to join this industry. Out of several ed-tech mammoths, she chose upGrad, which she believes provides full-fledged degrees, along with numerous forms of easily consumable content. Also upGrad’s mission to make excellent and value-based education affordable was one of the major reasons for Rinku’s arrival at this firm. 

At upGrad, Rinku Singhal is working with learner-engagement products such as upGrad Masterclass. This requires building the right architecture to support more users which Rinku is working towards. She is also working on a microservice offering called- ‘Just in Time’ that allows upGrad learners to schedule a session with a subject expert on an immediate basis.

Rinku’s journey at upGrad

One of the first projects Rinku was responsible for at upGrad family was to develop upGrad Shorts. As the term indicates, these are short video content that explains a specific topic in an easy way. To complete this within the given timeline, Rinku had to carve out the bandwidth and ensure successful testing. After its completion, the metrics received indicated a definite victory for the project. 

Another project Rinku was excited to delve into was upGrad Live that provides live sessions and classes with industry experts for learners. The inclusion of the latest technologies to develop this project is where Rinku found her calling.

How does upGrad’s future look under Rinku

One of the major projects Rinku is working towards is improving Masterclass services and their scalability. The goal is to allow learners to gain holistic learning by focusing on personalized recommendations. 

In the near future, Rinku plans to build a self-serve purchase model on the upGrad website. Learners can identify specific services, sign up for their subscription and check out with self-served payment methods. She also wants to initiate breakout sessions for learners in minor groups. This will make it easy for learners to understand key topics much better.

To achieve these goals, leveraging the following tools are important. 

Factors catalysing Rinku’s career-passion

Rinku credits her enthusiasm towards her work to the two quotes she lives by:

“Do what makes you happy”


“Find what keeps you going”

Rinku often says that she loves her work at upGrad and this is the ultimate fuel that powers her drive to create change in the education sector. She believes that identifying what keeps one going and their own passion is a powerful catalyst in ensuring a smooth career journey. 

Other than these aspects, Rinku has been a national level table tennis player in her college team and loves to stay active everyday! 

Well, would you look at that! As the sky gives up its cerulean hues to take on a darker shade, I too must depart to my hive. 

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed narrating it. I promise to bring another epic chronicle about another new changemaker the next time we meet. 

If you felt a wave of inspiration after reading about Rinku and believe that a tech-oriented atmosphere like this is where you want to be, find the perfect role for you on our career page.

Till then… Au revoir

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