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Supply Chain Management Jobs – In-Demand Positions, Salaries, and Education Requirements

The American Supply Chain Management Income and Career Report estimates that in 2023, supply chain managers will make an average income of $98,350. Also, 48% of respondents who were based in the US mentioned that they received a fantastic 8% raise.

These figures demonstrate that supply chain management jobs are financially promising for all working individuals. In order to find out more about supply chain management careers, including the pay scales for each in-demand role, go through this article. 

In-Demand Supply Chain Management Jobs and Salary

Here is a table representing the various supply chain management job profiles, such as a supply chain manager, and their respective salaries:

Supply Chain Management Jobs Average Annual Salary In US Average Annual Salary In India
Supply Chain Manager $124,996 ₹9,96,931
Purchasing Manager $82,649 ₹10,00,000
Logistics Analyst $71,138 ₹6,96,491
Supply Chain Engineer $99,598 ₹5,09,288
Logistics Manager $65,856 ₹8,36,939

Education Requirements For Supply Chain Management Jobs

Supply chain management (SCM) involves coordinating and overseeing a range of procedures and activities to ensure the smooth flow of goods and services. Having the following particular skills and credentials is frequently essential for success in supply chain management:

Qualifications —

  • A supply chain management degree in logistics, business administration, or a similar profession.
  • A graduate degree in a discipline closely related to supply chain management.

Skills Required —

  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Data analysis 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Logistics and Operations Management

Certifications —

  • Getting appropriate qualifications, staying current with industry trends, and lifelong learning are all crucial for improving your supply chain management credentials. 

Supply Chain Management Growth Prospects

In a typical supply chain management career path, the following stages are frequently encountered:

  • Entry-Level Jobs: An inventory analyst, a procurement assistant, or a logistics coordinator are examples of an entry-level job in the supply chain management industry. Work experience and the opportunity to learn supply chain management principles are two benefits of these positions.
  • Specialist: Individuals can progress into specialized or analyst roles such as demand planners, supply planners, or transportation analysts. In some supply chain segments, these positions include extremely specialized work.
  • Supervisory Positions: With more training and experience, experts can progress into management or supervisory positions. They might become warehouse supervisors, procurement managers, or supply chain managers. Typically, you’ll find that supply chain manager job descriptions seek candidates who can oversee a group of people and the whole chain.
  • Leadership Roles: Chief Supply Chain Officer, Vice President of the Supply Chain, and Chief Operating Officer are examples of leadership roles that supply chain specialists may eventually progress to. These roles oversee supply chain innovation, coordinate organizational changes, and conduct high-level strategic planning.
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Ending Note

The article looks at every type of supply chain management salary in the US and India for 2024. It highlights how the employment trends and income possibilities of the two nations differ significantly. Salary is greatly influenced by industry, region, education, experience, and industry. 

Understanding these differences is essential for supply chain management specialists. So, to earn such lucrative salaries in the field of supply chain management, get started with UpGrad’s six-month integrated supply chain management certificate program created in partnership with Michigan State University to stay ahead of the curve!


1. In the supply chain industry, which jobs have the best opportunities?

Procurement manager, vice president of supply chain management, and chief supply management officer are three of the finest careers in supply chain management.

2. How can I further my career in supply chain management?

Acquire a wide range of expertise in various supply chain positions, focus on fields with high demand, and go after advanced study or certifications like DAU, SOLE, or APICS. 

3. What skills are in demand for supply chain professionals?

In 2024, having a strong foundation in project management, cost accounting, analytics, e-business/e-procurement systems, purchasing, and ERP systems will be essential for a supply chain management profession.

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