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In-Demand Healthcare Management Jobs for Degree Holders – Career Options and Growth Prospects

With its wide range of jobs and distinct educational requirements, the healthcare sector is currently one of the fastest-growing. For people who are interested in business and healthcare, healthcare management degree jobs are appealing because they offer good employment growth prospects together with a respectable income.

Having a degree in healthcare administration can open up a world of interesting employment options for anyone in the healthcare industry, be they a seasoned professional trying to advance or a new student just starting out. Check the promising jobs in healthcare management in this post to ascertain your alternatives for a profession and your chances of advancement. 

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Growth Prospects of Healthcare Management Degree Jobs

healthcare management degree jobs

The healthcare industry is expanding at a very quick pace, but the job market for other sectors varies depending on how things are at the moment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the typical rate of growth for every profession in the US is 11%, with some positions in the healthcare sector expected to have surges of 30 to 40% in the years to come.

Talented people who can help introduce and manage the always-evolving advances occurring within the healthcare industry are needed in the field of healthcare management. You can significantly improve the health of the people living in the communities you serve as a healthcare provider.

If you decide to opt for entry-level healthcare management jobs, you probably won’t begin your career in a management role at the entry or mid-level. This role could focus on a particular field, like: 

  • Government Relations
  • Human resources
  • Finance 
  • Patient care services
  • Medical staff relations
  • Nursing Administration

Career Options For Healthcare Management Degree Jobs

Health Administrator

For those who start their careers in health administration with an associate’s degree, traditional health administrators are among the most common work roles. Health administrators typically set plans and place orders for supplies. In addition, they support the use of medical software for additional administrative duties such as patient record maintenance and billing management.

Hospital CFO

Specializing in financial management, this position typically stands among the top in the healthcare organization’s hierarchy. The Chief Financial Officer supervises everyday activities and keeps tabs on the organization’s financial health. They take full responsibility for the funds and help to facilitate them. Strong managerial and financial skills, an analytical attitude, and evaluating talents are necessary.

Healthcare Financial Manager

When it comes to healthcare risk management jobs, you can opt for the position of a financial manager. Preparing, reviewing, and presenting financial statements for the entire organization or just a particular department are the primary responsibilities of a healthcare finance manager. They do data analysis and offer suggestions on ways to boost revenue to the site’s senior management. They oversee the clinical procedure’s financial components, including insurance payment, and they ensure that all legal reporting obligations are met.

Healthcare IT Manager

A healthcare IT manager is in charge of managing all information services and technology department daily operations, including help desk, data center activities, network and telecommunications operations, daily communication with application and technological advances vendors, and end-user computers and devices. If you’re looking for remote healthcare management jobs, this could be the perfect position for you!

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Ending Note

The job and the healthcare industry are both enormous and expanding, having a significant global economic influence. So, if you’re searching for the best approach to change the healthcare business, a job in healthcare management might be very fulfilling and a great choice. 

It’s time to enhance your career with UpGrad’s Executive MBA in Healthcare Management program if you want to break into the elite and higher-paying MBA healthcare positions. In summary, healthcare management is still thriving and expanding, providing many chances to make significant contributions to society and the community.


1. Is healthcare management a good career choice?

Given the surging demand for healthcare professionals in the US and around the world, especially after the pandemic, there is no doubt that healthcare management degree jobs are good choices for a prosperous and lucrative career. 

2. Which healthcare management degree is best for working professionals?

If you’re a working professional, you should go for an online MBA in healthcare management from popular EdTech platforms like UpGrad.

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