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Earn Your Master’s in Supply Chain Management – Programs, Specializations, and Career Advancement

Supply chain managers have jobs in almost every sector, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over the decade to come, demand for this rapid position is predicted to grow by 28%, which is much faster than typical employment growth. 

A master’s in supply chain management typically pays between $117,255 and $125,525 a year, says Salary.com.

So, reinventing yourself with a supply chain management certification course can be the solution if your work has reached a dead end or if your pay simply isn’t allowing you to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. 

With a master’s in Supply Chain Management from UpGrad, you may achieve two goals at once: you will gain experience in one of the trendiest fields in the industry today in addition to an MBA that employers will want. So, explore the in-depth curriculum, specializations, and other features of a master’s degree in supply chain management.

Masters In Supply Chain Management With Specializations

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V.P. In Supply Chain Management

A VP in supply chain management is the best job path for a master in supply chain management. The vice president of supply chain management oversees and plans every aspect of an organization’s supply chain goals, regulations, and projects.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chief operations officers may also be involved in financial reporting, operational planning, and marketing activities. However, the core of the COO’s role in global supply chain management is logistics and operations.

Management Consultant

Companies seek the services of supply chain experts to help them enhance their supply chains. Although they work mostly with delivery and transportation companies, they might also associate with other businesses. Supply chain consultancy may be helpful to companies that store their merchandise somewhere other than their actual location.

Quality Manager

Logistics and supply chain management is the umbrella term for the methods used by businesses to assess, track, and proactively manage the caliber of their processes and goods. It improves delivery punctuality, reduces lead and cycle times, and creates a more stable supply chain.

Procurement Director

The disciplines of supply chain and logistics involve collaboration amongst all departments, including inventory, transportation, logistics, production, customer service, facilities, accounting, supply chain, and materials.

Masters In Supply Chain Management — Which Program Is The Best?

Supply chain and logistics expertise are vital in both domestic and international business marketplaces, and you can learn it all with the Global Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management program from UpGrad. 

It can equip you with the soft skills and fundamental leadership needed to create supply chains that offer exceptional customer experiences and creative business solutions. With specialities in areas like supply chain planning, warehousing, logistics, process excellence, and procurement and sourcing, this supply chain management certification course may also assist you in developing domain expertise. 

With a blend of demanding coursework and hands-on learning opportunities, supply chain graduates are equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to excel in supply chain management careers.

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The importance of supply chain management in guaranteeing that people have access to the products and services they require has been evident over the last several years. Supply chain experts are flexible, strategic issue solvers who maintain operations under any circumstance. 

A master’s in supply chain management will help you get ready to lead. So, enrol in the supply chain management course online from the best platform — UpGrad, and get started today!


1. Can someone with a degree in supply chain management work abroad?

Indeed, a degree in supply chain management is flexible and applicable to jobs globally. Global activities of numerous multinational organizations necessitate the management of supply chain professionals in various nations.

2. What are the professional advancement prospects in supply chain management?

A profession in supply chain management offers many chances for growth. You can advance from an entry-level job to managing and executive positions with experience. Your employment prospects might also be improved by pursuing ongoing education and professional certifications.

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Vamshi Krishna sanga
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