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Career Spotlight: Salaries, Jobs, and Skills in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Businesses need supply chain and operations management to save costs and streamline operations. If you work in operations or supply chain management, your main duty is to oversee the entire process of delivering a product or service from the supplier to the end user. 

For those who seek interest in this field, the positions are rewarding. This post is for you if you want to work in operations and supply chain management. We’ll talk about the kinds of employment that supply chain management graduates can get here, along with the qualifications needed to land these positions.

Supply Chain and Operations Management Jobs and Salaries 2024

supply chain and operations management

The following are the operations and supply chain management salary for different job profiles:

  • Purchasing Manager: Supervising a company’s purchases of goods and supplies is within the purview of purchasing managers. The annual salary for this role is $127,371 on average.
  • Logistics Manager: The task of logistics managers includes scheduling material orders and ensuring on-time delivery to customers or suppliers. Additionally, they ensure that all rules are adhered to throughout the supply chain. The annual salary for this role is $118,627 on average.
  • Warehouse Managers: These people oversee the facility’s everyday operations. They guarantee proper storage, handle shipping and receiving, and monitor group output. The annual salary for this position is, on average, $53,583.
  • Operations Managers: They oversee daily operations, manage quality assurance projects, hire and educate personnel, and implement process changes, to name a few responsibilities. The average yearly compensation for an operations manager is $120,917.
  • E-commerce Manager: Organizing, carrying out, and supervising the transportation, storage, and distribution of items within a supply chain are the responsibilities of managers of e-commerce logistics. Experienced eCommerce logistics managers typically make around $77,129 a year.

Skills And Qualification Needed To Get A Supply Chain And Operations Management Job

A solid educational foundation, a blend of hard and soft abilities, and relevant experience are necessary for success in the field of operations and supply chain management: the core and respectable pay.

  • Education Background: Successful completion of an undergraduate supply chain management program is a prerequisite for employment as a supply chain manager. Employers favor hiring working professionals with a global certification in supply chain management for senior-level roles. 
  • Technical Proficiency: Your salary in the field of supply chain management will be significantly impacted by your mastery of key competencies. In order to facilitate efficient decision-making, this calls for proficiency with data analysis as well as a solid working understanding of inventory control, transportation management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • Expertise: Those with at least five years of supply chain management expertise are preferred by most employers. This guarantees you’ve managed complicated projects successfully and have a thorough understanding of the field.
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A vital component of any organization is the supply chain management system, which calls for knowledgeable experts who are fairly compensated for their knowledge. While supply chain management isn’t one of the most difficult positions in the industry, you may still have a successful career in it with the right education, training, and experience.

We hope you will find this blog to be engaging, educational, and intriguing. The time has come to start with a certification course if you wish to boost your career in supply chain management.


1. For higher supply chain management pay, what specializations are available?

There is a wide range of specializations for supply chain management, including demand planning, procurement, and logistics. Your skills can be improved, and new job opportunities can arise if you specialize in particular areas of supply chain management.

2. What do you need to apply for a supply chain management job?

Alongside a bachelor’s degree, employers prefer hiring applicants who have a globally accepted certification in supply chain management.

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Vamshi Krishna sanga
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