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    Project Based Learning

    Including a 2 week complimentary Python Prep

    4 Months Duration


    Basic Python Proficiency

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    Programme Overview

    Key Highlights

    Learn about 10+ Generative AI tools
    Learn about 10+ Generative AI tools
    Project based learning pedagogy
    Project based learning pedagogy
    6+ Hands-On End-to-End Generative AI Projects
    6+ Hands-On End-to-End Generative AI Projects
    Generative AI certificate upon completion
    Generative AI certificate upon completion
    Gen AI masterclasses by industry experts
    Gen AI masterclasses by industry experts
    120+ hours of learning
    120+ hours of learning
    Complimentary Python Prep
    Complimentary Python Prep
    Student support chatbot Budd-E available 24*7
    Student support chatbot Budd-E available 24*7
    upGrad Alumni Status
    upGrad Alumni Status
    Recommended 14-16 hours/week
    Recommended 14-16 hours/week

    "Our aim is simple: We strive to create high-impact, hands-on experiences that prepare students for meaningful and productive careers.”

    - Ronnie Screwvala, Co-Founder, upGrad



    Best-in-class curriculum taught by leading academicians and industry experts

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    Top Skills you Will Learn

    Generative AI Models, Transformers, ChatGPT, Prompt Engineerview more

    Who Is This Program For?

    Engineers, Software and IT Professionals, Data Professionals

    Minimum Eligibility

    Basic Programming Proficiency (should have done progamming bview more

    Job Opportunities

    Gen AI Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, view more

    Programming Languages and Tools Covered

    Generative AI tools covered

    Advanced Certificate Program in GenerativeAI

    Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this recognition
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    • Become the most desirable candidate for the most in-demand jobs.
    • Unlock upGrad status
    • Curriculum designed by AI experts

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    Explore our Learning Platform

    Industry Practitioners

    Learn from AI's leading industry leaders


    Best in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions
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    Hours of Learning

    Programming 101

    2 Weeks
    • Introduction to Python and Programming
    • Python Data Types, Variables, Operators, Data Structures
    • Python Programming Constructs: Conditionals, Loops, Functions
    • UDFs, Best Coding Practices and Exception Handling
    • Python for Data Science and Pandas: Working with relational databases, Data Cleaning, Preprocessing, Analysis
    • Advanced Text Processing using Pandas
    • Basics of Linux: Commands, Setting up Local Environment

    Create ShopAssistAI - An Automated Conversational Bot that helps customers discover products on an ecommerce website

    6 weeks
    • Define the different components of the bot and design the workflow for creating the bot
    • Apply prompting techniques to create prompts for asking questions and evaluating the customer's response
    • Prompt Engineering: Improve the assistant's responses by applying simple (non-reasoning) prompting techniques
    • Prompt Engineering: Improve the assistant's accuracy by applying Chain of Thought reasoning-based prompting techniques
    • Apply fine-tuning using OpenAI APIs to train an LLM on your custom data
    • Integrate speech input using OpenAI's Whisper API
    • Deploy and launch ShopAssistAI application on Flask/Gradio
    • Iterate and improve the UI of the app using ChatGPT's code writing capabilities

    Create PixxelCraft AI to generate high-quality images for a large product portfolio to fast-track business digitization

    • Understand the working of multimodal models like Stable Diffusion: Denoising, Diffusion, Autoencoders, Contrastive Learning, Shared Embedding Spaces
    • Apply image prompting techniques on Dall-E and Midjourney to generate desired product images using various stable diffusion methods and prompt parameters such as style, ratios, seeds, FPS.
    • Understand and apply the fundamentals of style, design and photography to improve image quality and accuracy with prompt iteration and few-shot prompting
    • Apply self-consistency, seeding and standardised formatting in prompting to create consistent styles and designs across hundreds of product images
    • Generate product descriptions along with images using various instructor-tuned models and APIs

    Create ShrewdNews AI: Automate News Recommendation using GPT3 and Copilot powered Machine Learning

    • Understand prompting for code generation and generate accurate codes for data science tasks in a larger ML problem using GPT and Copilot
    • Read, load and embed large datasets and tables to read your data with GPT/Copilot
    • Perform data cleaning and analysis by both generating code & writing direct prompts to GPT
    • Write prompts for data analysis tasks and insights in accordance to the business problem and objectives
    • Perform semi-automated modelling, fine-tuning and evaluation for various regression, classification and clustering problems

    Create Mr.HelpMate AI: A customer facing chatbot that answers questions by scanning organisation's custom data

    3 Weeks
    • Define the components of Chatbot
    • Understand when to use embedding over fine tuning
    • Understand the working of embeddings and how they help in semantic search
    • Create and analyse embeddings for semantic search
    • Create embeddings for large documents by creating chunks
    • Create a Q/A system that fetches answer using similarilty search over embeddings
    • Scale the Q/A system by making use of vectorstores like Pinecone
    • Embed, index large documents and search in Vectorstore
    • Integrate LLM chat models over the searched embeddings to respond to the customer
    • Experiment with different vectorstores, search and index algorithms and LLMs to improve the chatbot

    SemanticSpotter: Use LangChain to create a chat-based knowledge retrieval system that answers questions by scanning multiple sources of data

    3 weeks
    • Define the components of the knowledge retrieval system and design the workflow
    • Explore how LangChain can connect the different components of the system
    • Understand the different parts of LangChain - Models, Prompts, Indexes, Chains, Memory and Agents
    • Explore the different tools in LangChain and initialise an agent that uses the tools to read different types of files or data present in the company database
    • Build the backend for the system using Vectorstore options present in LangChain
    • Divide the documents into chunks and apply the LLM to create the embeddings and extract entity for the chunks of document and store them in the Vectorstore
    • Construct the Search Index and Entity Store and create a functionality to update it with every question that the user asks
    • Use the Chain functionality of LangChain to connect all the components
    • Evaluate the results and improve them by experimenting with different LLMs, indexing and embedding algorithms
    • Explore other agents and tools to improve the system like adding features like automatic email notifications on some issues, etc.

    Scale Mr.HelpMate AI using Azure OpenAI services

    1 week
    • Explore the Generative AI services offered by Azure: Azure OpenAI services
    • Modify the workflow design of knowledge retrieval system for scalability
    • Identify the Azure services required for creating the scalable system
    • Expose the system through a chat based front end to the user

    Future Developments in Generative AI

    1 week
    • Mitigating risks in AI: Responsible AI
    • RLHF as a Product to train your own LLM
    • Multimodal Learning: Audio, Image, Text, Heatmap among others within a LLM

    Programme Fee: USD 2,500

    Admission Process

    There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Course Eligibility

    Who is this program for?

    Engineers, Software and IT Professionals, Data Professionals

    Is there an eligibility criteria for this program?

    Basic Programming Proficiency (should have done progamming before, either in academics or professionally)

    What is the admission process?

    The admissions process is completely online. The following are the key steps in the application process: 
    STEP-1: Complete your Application Fill the details required for your successful application

    STEP 2: Review and Shortlisting of Suitable Candidates Upon selection, an offer letter will be sent to you confirming your admission to the Advanced Certificate Program in GenerativeAI

    STEP 3: Claim your seat Claim your seat by paying the block amount. You may also avail assistance from our loan partners. Your journey to be a GenAI engineer begins now!

    Course Curriculum

    What kind of certification will I get after completion of this course?

    Post successful completion of this program, you will get certificate from upGrad.

    How much time do I need to spend to achieve success in the program?

    You will need to spend 6+ hrs/week to get optimum results and learn. 

    Overall, this program will have video content broken down into small easy-to-complete segments that you can watch on the go-across devices. The remaining hours of engagement will be a mix of industry projects, live instructor sessions, mentoring sessions. 

    How do I know that this program’s curriculum is the best?

    The curriculum is developed by the experts from upGrad, which makes it extremely relevant to working professionals. 

    Along with it, our Support Services, Career Assistance, and Live Sessions make it a classroom experience, which no one else in the market can offer. 

    How would these real-industry projects help me?

    Our programs have a strong experiential component that will prepare you to apply your learning on the job. Learn - Experience - Apply. Case Studies and industry projects will help you to experience real-life challenges in Management. These will enable you to step into the shoes of leading managers at companies and put to use the theoretical learning in an experiential manner. Post this programme, these will serve as a portfolio of projects you can illustrate to advance your career. 

    What kind of support does upGrad offer?

     - Student Support is available 7 days a week, 24*7
    - You can write to us via Or for urgent queries, use the "Talk to Us" option on the Learn platform
    - Additionally, an upGrad buddy will enhance the learners’ experience by engaging with them to ensure they are on track with upcoming deadlines, submissions, offer guidance, and resolve their non-academic queries.
    - Extensive academic support through the Discussion Forum, weekly TA-Sessions. Just like in a university, your batchmates will help you with any academic queries. This will happen via the Discussion Forum. 
    - Other than your peers, you also have TAs (Teaching Associates) for any academic query. Your academic queries will be solved by the Faculty and TAs in 36-48 hours 

    Payment Details

    Is there any refund policy for this programme?

    Refund Policy:

    1. You can claim a refund for the amount paid towards the Program at any time, before the Program Start Date, by visiting and submitting your refund form via the "My Application" section under your profile. You can request your Admissions Counsellor to help you in applying and withdrawing for a refund by sending them an email with reasons listed. For post program refund please connect with your Admissions Counselor to understand the policy. This is applicable even for those students who could not complete their payment, and could not be enrolled in the batch opted for. However, the student can avail pre-deferral as per the policy defined below for the same.

    2. Student must pay the full fee within seven (7) days of payment of the deposit amount or Batch Start Date, whichever is earlier; otherwise, the admission letter will be rescinded.

    3. Request for refund as per point no. 1 of the refund policy must be sent via email in the prescribed refund request form. The refund will be processed within 30 working days of submitting the duly signed refund form, after being duly approved by the Academic Committee.

    upGrad Learner Support


    Write to us at

    Monday to Saturday | 24 Hours.

    *All telephone calls will be recorded for training and quality purposes.

    *If we are unavailable to attend to your call, it is deemed that we have your consent to contact you in response.