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Product Management Software Used By Businesses In The US

Today, product management software has simplified tasks for businesses, no matter the size. It allows them to handle day-to-day tasks while retaining their focus on the bigger picture. 

The fact that the best product management tools use a single practical interface to help teams manage the entire product life cycle seamlessly makes them a preferred choice among businesses in the US. 

In this article, learn about the top product management software programs that every business in the US now seeks and looks for in their professionals.

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Top Product Management Software Used By US-Based Businesses

Product Strategy Software

Example: Craft.io

Almost every function you could want in a product management software is there in this kind of application, and each one is intended to assist you in developing and implementing your product strategy.

Integrating with tools like Azure DevOps allows you to gather feedback, prioritize which features to build, construct your roadmap, specify your product, plan product development, and track progress. 

Roadmapping Software

Example: ProductPlan

Software for product roadmapping assists product teams in modifying concepts and giving them structure through releases, features, and requirements. When communicating with stakeholders and cross-functional teams, using product tools with roadmapping features helps you depict your product plans more efficiently. 

Customer Survey Product Tools

Example: SurveyMonkey, Typeform

Since there are so many different pre-formatted question kinds available in web-based survey tools, you may quickly and easily create a survey with multiple-choice questions, drop-down lists, or just open comment areas. 

Then, you can quickly monitor and evaluate the survey’s findings after distributing them to your customers. These technologies are quite useful for getting timely responses to significant user questions. 

Team Messaging Tools

Examples: Confluence by Atlassian, Slack. 

You will need a quick and simple method of communication while developing a product or starting any other complicated cross-functional initiative. You must keep a running log of all communications regarding the initiative. 

Fortunately, plenty of inexpensive cloud-based product management tools provide convenient and centralized team communication. 

Special Mention: Jira!

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Yes, we are aware of the allusion. Before considering a Product Manager’s application, many employers inquire about their familiarity with Jira. Jira is essential. The product management software Jira has been in use for 15 years with great success. 

The application management tool, which is used by PepsiCo personnel, was initially created to look for faults in the program code. Several other parts of product management also make use of it, such as: 

  • Customizable templates
  • Task delegation
  • Data visualization
  • Managing workflow using Scrum boards


Knowledge and skill set of the best product management tools are more of a necessity for all professionals seeking a career boost in product management. So, if you want to expand your toolkit as an experienced product manager or someone fresh to the field, you might want to look into the upGrad Product Management programs.


Who uses product management tools? 

Product teams may utilize product management software for some or all product-related duties. 

Is Jira a tool for product management? 

Yes, JIRA has become the main platform for product management in most enterprises. 

Why do the majority of US businesses employ tools for customer mapping? 

After creating a customer journey map, you and your organization will benefit from better grasping the entire client experience with your business. 

What is the US market like for product managers? 

Product manager roles increased by 32% in the US over two years, from August 2017 to June 2019. 

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