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Freelance Digital Marketing? Everything You Need to Know

By 2030, the global digital marketing and advertising size will reach $1.5 trillion by 2030. The demand for professional digital marketers is at an all-time high. While you can always work as a digital marketer at a top firm, it doesn’t come with much flexibility. That’s why several digital marketers choose to offer their services freelance. But what is freelance digital marketing?

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What Is Freelance Digital Marketing? 

A freelance digital marketer particularly offers services to startups and small businesses. As a freelancer, you must offer different digital marketing services like email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Some key roles and responsibilities of freelance digital marketers are as follows:

  • Establishing a digital marketing strategy for a brand
  • Setting up KPIs
  • Sending monthly reports to clients
  • Writing blog posts or social media content
  • Creating promotional materials
  • Creating the marketing funnel
  • Improving conversions and CTAs
  • Search Engine Optimization

Skills Necessary for a Freelance Digital Marketer

The top skills required for freelance digital marketing are as follows:


Search Engine Optimization is a mandatory skill for freelance digital marketers. SEO skills are necessary for ranking clients’ websites on top of search results. Freelance digital marketers often need to collaborate with the content team of an organization to use the best practices for higher ranking on search results. 

Video Marketing

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To ace a career in freelance digital marketing, you must be efficient at conceptualization, scripting, and overseeing video production. Video content can be shared on multiple platforms like Vimeo and YouTube to drive better engagement. Therefore, several businesses want to incorporate videos in their marketing campaigns. 


A freelance digital marketer should possess copywriting skills to create promotional texts for businesses and individuals. For instance, attractive website copies are necessary for launching a new brand. You can enhance your clients’ engagement and conversion rates with good copywriting skills. 


The ability to measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns is essential for freelance digital marketers. Data analytics skills are essential for digital marketing freelancers to acquire, evaluate, and interpret data. Analytics skills enable marketers to make data-driven decisions for the growth and revenue of a business. 

Final Words

Becoming a freelance digital marketer comes with multiple perks apart from a high income. For instance, you can work from any location and plan your schedule. But, you must enroll in a proper digital marketing course to acquire the right skills to impress clients. 


How much does a freelance digital marketer earn?
A freelance digital marketer can earn around $76,500 annually. The earning potential of freelance digital marketers sees a hike with experience. 

Is the career of a freelance digital marketer profitable?
A major benefit of making freelance digital marketing your career is the absence of any limitation on your income. Depending on the projects you handle and the rate you charge, offering freelance digital marketing services can be extremely profitable for you. 

Where can I find digital freelancer jobs?
You must contact clients on different platforms if you are looking for digital freelancer jobs. For instance, you can check out Upwork, People Per Hour, and LinkedIn Jobs to get projects as a digital freelancer. 

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