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Is Free Digital Marketing Certification Worth It?

If you are looking for courses to upskill yourself for the professional world, digital marketing is an incredible field. A digital marketer can build a high-paying career with several other perks. Luckily, you can now also pursue free digital marketing training online. But are free digital marketing course worth your time and effort?

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What Does a Free Digital Marketing Certification Course Teach You?

To learn digital marketing, you must start from the basics. You need to figure out the concept of digital marketing from its core, its different types, and its benefits. Without a clear knowledge of the fundamental digital marketing concepts, you won’t be able to grasp the more advanced concepts properly. 

A free digital marketing certification course is ideal for familiarizing with the basics. Since it’s available for free and you won’t have to spend any money, there’s no harm in pursuing these courses. Even if you have a basic idea of digital marketing, pursuing a free course can be a great way of brushing up before diving into more advanced concepts and techniques. 

Why Are Paid Digital Marketing Courses Better?

For many reasons, paid courses are better than free courses to learn digital marketing. Find out why:

Comprehensive Curriculum

A paid course to learn digital marketing will have a more detailed curriculum than free courses. As already mentioned, free courses are only an introductory gateway to the world of digital marketing. 

Learn Under Industry Experts

In a free digital marketing certification course, you will usually be given a set of resources to study from. But, paid courses offer more than study materials to understand digital marketing.

A paid course will have industry experts offering you one-on-guidance. You will be able to ask questions and even get job assistance from the paid courses. 

Hands-on Experience

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The free digital marketing programs are primarily designed to offer theoretical knowledge to learners. However, a paid digital marketing program will ensure you learn from a blended approach of theoretical and practical digital marketing training.

The paid courses will make you work on capstone projects to determine whether you can apply your acquired skills to the real world. 

Summing up

A free digital marketing certification course can be a great way of learning about the fundamental concepts in the field. But to become an industry expert with comprehensive knowledge, you must invest in a paid course. A paid course will also ensure you get job offers from top hiring partners after completing the course.  


Should I pursue a digital marketing certification?
A career in digital marketing looks promising due to its high demand. It will ensure you gain the right knowledge and skills to build a bright career. 

How can I learn digital marketing?
Enrolling in a reputed course lets you learn digital marketing from top-notch experts. The best digital marketing program will have an industry-relevant curriculum, including fundamental concepts, best practices, and recent trends. 

Can I get a job after a paid DM course ?
Getting certified will make you a desirable employer candidate. Several digital marketing programs ensure learners get job offers from top firms all over the globe right after completing the course.  

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