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Become a Human Resource Manager: Skills, Qualifications and Career Pathway

A profession in human resource management primarily involves the administration of people inside organizations, with a focus on systems and procedures. People frequently tell us that they don’t think the HR department is very helpful, but that is completely untrue. 

A company’s human resources department has put forth a great deal of effort to establish any competitive advantages it may have. Its goal is to optimize worker performance in the management of an employer’s strategic objectives. 

In this post, we’ll talk about how to become a human resource manager, along with the education and experience needed and the potential career path.     

Skills You Need To Apply For The Human Resource Manager Job Profile

The following core competencies are essential when applying for the human resource manager job profile in addition to their proficiency with HR software, finance, and strategic planning:

Critical Reasoning and Problem-Solving: 

HR managers must possess these skills to ensure performance management and employee benefits, among other HR departmental functions, function well together. An HR manager must use good management techniques to be a constructive change agent and assist staff in adjusting to any changes in policies and procedures.

Superb Interpersonal Communication: 

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To succeed as a human resources manager, a candidate needs to possess the following essential abilities: honesty, empathy, and attentive listening. Through policy changes, an HR manager can have an impact on employees’ lives. 

As such, it is one of the duties of the human resource manager to pay attention to the worries of their staff and treat comments with candor and consideration.


The HR manager should be ready to handle a problem by taking complaints or mediating tense talks between an employee and the organization on a policy or contract. These abilities are also put to use while settling insurance claims, negotiating pay, and union labor issues.

Qualification You Need To Become an HR Manager

From human resource management assistant jobs to the post of manager, any position in the HRM field requires candidates with minimum graduation qualifications. Besides, the field also requires them to possess soft skills and character attributes. 

Nevertheless, here are some other qualifications you need to become an HR manager:

  • You must earn an average of 60% in your 10+2 coursework.
  • A bachelor’s degree in business, human resources, organizational development, or any related discipline is required.
  • In your graduation or an equivalent course, you must have at least a 60% average grade point.
  • An additional benefit would be a higher education or postgraduate program, such as an MBA with a focus on human resources or any other appropriate degree.

Career Path For HR Managers

  • Junior HR Manager: A junior HR Manager is a professional who works under a senior HR Manager’s supervision. A junior HR manager handles strategic talent management, onboarding and training program creation, and hiring.
  • Senior HR Manager: A seasoned expert who supports the junior HR Manager is the Senior HR Manager. The hiring, recruiting, job description creation, design, planning, and scheduling of meetings are all under the purview of a senior human resource manager. 

Having an online degree in human resource management alongside your bachelor’s can help you grab a senior role in a short span.

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It will be easier for you to acquire the skills, information, and experience necessary to land and succeed in your dream position if you are aware of the possible career pathways you can pursue in human resource management and know where you want to go. 

Regardless of your specific interests and abilities, there is a career path in HRM that is ideal for you. Anyone aspiring to work in HR needs to have a strong foundation in key HR skills and competencies, as this will set them up for success regardless of their career path. 

Obtaining an online degree from IIM-K in human resource analytics by UpGrad can be a great place to start if you want to pursue these careers. So, get started today!


1. Is a job in HR worthwhile?

One of the professional fields with the fastest growth in the US is human resources. A career in human resources can be long-lasting, personally fulfilling, and have significant earning potential. It may even lead to a position as an executive in an organization.

2. What kind of training is necessary to become an HR manager?

Certain human resource professionals must hold a bachelor’s degree in business or human resources management. Students pursuing a master’s degree in human resources management or administration receive the advanced-level foundation needed to begin a career as a human resources manager.

3. Which abilities ought HR managers to possess?

The skills that HR professionals need to be well-rounded are many and include strategic thinking, financial management, empathy, training, communication, relationship building, teamwork, onboarding, risk management, and intercultural sensitivity.

Urvi Agarwal
Urvi Agarwal
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