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AI-Powered Digital Marketing Tools You Should Not Miss in 2023

Artificial intelligence has found its application in different industries and departments. Nowadays, businesses rely on AI-powered online marketing tools to advance their digital marketing efforts. But, with the inception of multiple digital marketing tools, it becomes challenging to determine which one would be the most suitable for you.

Jump into this article to discover the top AI-powered tools you must try in 2023 for your digital marketing campaign. 

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Hunch is useful for creating video and image ads for programmatic advertisers. While the tool offers automated templates, businesses can opt for personalization in omni-channel campaigns. Hunch is one of the best online marketing tools offering the feature of creative localization to help brands contextualize the message according to the geographic location of the target audience. 


Smartly.io is one of the most effective online marketing tools to enhance conversion rates on paid social ads. You can use the preset templates on the dashboard to create ad creatives that match your brand’s personality. The automated workflows of the tool can help with publishing ads and updating them in real-time. 


If you are looking for a digital marketing software solution to generate human-sounding text, Jasper.ai can help. This AI marketing tool is perfect for creating high-quality emails, articles, landing pages, emails, and social media posts. It can also help eCommerce brands write product descriptions. 


Flick helps businesses brainstorm, plan, and write social media content. This digital marketing software offers a 7-day free trial to let users test whether they can generate engaging content for their brand. The AI tool can do everything from caption writing to breaking down lengthy content into small, digestible pieces. The Post Scheduling feature of this AI tool is pretty beneficial in timing uploads with a single click. 


Smartwriter.ai is one of the best marketing tools for personalized email outreach. The tool will help generate customized customer messages, including personalized subject lines. SmartWriter.ai can integrate with different third-party platforms to improve email outreach. Additionally, it can help with backlink generation and product description for online stores. 


Axiom.ai is one of the most efficient marketing tools that can aid marketers by streamlining the data retrieval and analysis process. The tool uses bots to acquire data from different sources and provide the necessary information. The data collected by this tool can help with market research, lead generation, and more. 


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It is one of the most impressive online marketing tools useful for creating fantastic videos quickly. You can pick from a library of icons, templates, avatars, and backgrounds to make a professional clip. The tool ensures that your videos can include a real human being without you having to hire actors. The multiple editing options will let you adjust the video per your needs. 


This digital marketing software is a logo maker based on artificial intelligence that helps you improve your branding effort by creating professional logos in minutes. The tool will consider your preferences to create custom logos according to the input. 

Ending Note

Leverage different AI tools and let your digital marketing campaign become more successful. But remember to use online marketing tools that can truly benefit your business and increase your ROI.


Should every business use AI digital marketing tools?
AI digital marketing tools can benefit businesses of different sizes. 

What is the biggest benefit of AI marketing tools?
AI marketing tools can boost productivity by automating many routine tasks. 

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