Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning and AI

Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning and AI

  • 13 Months
    Sep 29, 2021
  • IIIT Bangalore
  • USD 4499
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You Invest
USD 4499
Time Spent
15 hrs/week
Opportunities for you post your ML AI Programme
Jobs you can get in the next 18 months
USD 113,000/yr
Data Scientist
Entry Level
USD 80,000/yr
Business Analyst
Mid Level
USD 150,000/yr
NLP Engineer
Senior Level
Source : PayScale

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Learners achieve meaningful career outcomes
Vasarla Avinash

Vasarla Avinash

Data Scientist, Fortuna Entertainment Group

Shubham Roy

Shubham Roy

Software Developer, HP

Shrinidhi Deshpande

Shrinidhi Deshpande

Data Analyst, Maverick Systems

Rashi Kumra

Rashi Kumra

Specialist 1 - AI Engineer, Phillips

Gaurav Jagnani

Gaurav Jagnani

Senior Associate Consultant, MediaAgility

Take a step closer to your career goal

Bachelor's Degree - 50% marks
Mathematics/Statistical Background
1 Year Work Experience

Designed to meet your career aspirations

The right course for you aligns with your career goals

1-3 years according to the job role
Software Engineer
Systems Engineer
Mid to Senior Level
3+ years experience as per the role requirement
Sr. Software Engineer
Tech/Project Lead
Principal Architect
ML AI degree from IIITB gives you an edge
Learn from the best faculty and industry mentors
One-on-one industry-expert support
See who you will be learning with
Vishwanath Iyer

Vishwanath Iyer

Data Warehouse Engineer, Civica

Sajad Yunus

Sajad Yunus

Senior Data Scientist, Philips

Devesh Khare

Devesh Khare

Data Analyst, Flipkart

Argha Mukherjee

Argha Mukherjee

Software Developer, UST Global

Akhil Joe

Akhil Joe

ML Consultant, Namsbel

Our curriculum focuses on industry relevant skills

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders with customised specialisations.

52 weeks
Curriculum Duration
3 weeks
15 hrs / week
Learner time
Live Sessions
Expert Sessions
Capstone Projects
Assignments / Projects
Topics covered
0 topics
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What our learners say about our curriculum

Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh

Data Scientist, Quantela Inc

Bhavya Joseph

Bhavya Joseph

Delivery Manager, Syngenta

Ankit Bhatia

Ankit Bhatia

Data Scientist, Novartis

Abhishek Ranjan

Abhishek Ranjan

Data Scientist, Seco Tools India

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On Campus Fees

USD 26210

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upGrad Fees

USD 4499

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Amount saved - USD 22,000 + 1 year salary and work experience

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Krishnan Sivasubramanian

VP, Payments Portfolio, Citi Bank

Very happy that I joined the program, I joined the programme because I wanted to be future ready.

LinkedIn Profile

K M Kadir Khan

Data Analyst, Bongo, Dhaka

I got a great career transition with almost 30% raise due to upGrad.

LinkedIn Profile

Bhaskar Shankarling

Senior Software Engineer, Mindfire Solutions

You will be notified of any interview opportunities in ML and they will share your profile with the recruiters. This really helps to kick start your...

Detailed Review

Vignesh Ramakrishnan

Machine Learning Engineer, AstraZeneca

This course puts you from a beginner level to a person who can understand and provide a machine learning solution to any given problem provided one...

Detailed Review

Argho Chatterjee

Deep Learning Engineer, Samsung

Many of the basic concepts are being taught to build good intuition of Machine Learning models. Most of the basic maths required for developing an intuition...

Detailed Review

Deepesh Kothari

Software Engineer, Tarant Software

A great aspect about this course are the student mentors. These people are always there to help, support, and motivate the student to complete modules on...

Detailed Review

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1 on 1 Industry Mentorship

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Career Coach

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Just in time Interviews

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Network with peers from 85+ Countries

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More information on ML & AI
Since you’re interested in this
Interesting machine learning project ideas for beginners

As AI continues to progress rapidly in 2021, achieving mastery over Machine Learning (ML) is becoming increasingly important for all the players in this field. 


So, if you are a beginner, the best thing you can do is work on some Machine Learning projects. We have some great machine learning project ideas for you. 


1. Stock price predictor Businesses today are on the lookout for software that can monitor and analyze the company performance and predict future prices of various stocks. And with so much data available on the stock market, it is a hotbed of opportunities for data scientists. 


2. Sentiment Analyzer You can try to mine the data from Twitter or Reddit to get started with your sentiment analyzing machine learning project. This might be one of those rare cases of deep learning projects which can help you in other aspects as well. 


3. Enhance healthcare By harnessing healthcare data, you can create diagnostic care systems that can automatically scan images, X-rays, etc., and provide an accurate diagnosis of possible diseases. Machine learning is still at an early stage throughout the world. There are a lot of Machine Learning projects to be done, and a lot to be improved. 

Prerequisites for machine learning

Machine Learning is a subset of AI and is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models used by computer systems. The primary aim is to allow computers to learn automatically, with no human intervention or assistance. Here are some key prerequisites for machine learning 


1. Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Probability Statistics contain tools that are used to get an outcome from data. Calculus plays an integral role in the algorithm. Linear Algebra is used in machine learning to perform operations and transform on datasets. Furthermore, the probability is also a foundation in machine learning prerequisites. 


2. Programming Knowledge: Writing code is one of the most important things when it comes to Machine Learning. You need to know languages such as Python and R to implement the process. 


3. Data Modeling It is a process of estimating the structure of the data set, and it is done to find any variations or patterns within. Machine Learning is also based on predictive modelling. If you do meet these machine learning and AI prerequisites, understanding machine learning would become much easier. 

Future scope of AI in various industries

AI is one of the most popular technologies on the planet, thanks to its versatility and advanced solutions. It has been growing at a fast pace, but what is the future scope of artificial intelligence? Today we take a look at the answer. 


1. Science and research AI can handle large quantities of data and processes it quicker than human minds. This makes it perfect for research where the sources contain high data volumes. AI is already making breakthroughs in this field. 


2. Cybersecurity is another field that’s benefitting from AI. As organizations are transferring their data to IT networks and the cloud, the threat of hackers is becoming more significant. Cognitive AI is an excellent example of this field. 


3. Data analysis can benefit largely from AI and ML. AI algorithms are capable of improving with iterations, and this way, their accuracy, and precision increase accordingly. AI can help data analysts with handling and processing large datasets. As AI shows massive acceleration in these fields, AI and machine learning careers are also on a rise. This makes AI a highly lucrative field for professionals to invest in.