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MICA - Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Comm.
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                      There has been a dramatic shift in marketing strategies over the last few years. 2020 in particular changed the marketing landscape when the pandemic left enterprises with no choice but to move towards an expansive digital ecosystem. Be it through email marketing, social media marketing, or any other means of connecting with consumers online, digital marketing has proven itself as a vital tool in any brand marketing strategy.
                      With the vast majority of your target audience now available online, it has become relatively easy for companies to reach out to their potential customers. On top of that, the conversion rate and return on investment are much higher in digital marketing campaigns than offline marketing initiatives. Meaning that digital marketing is not only easier, but more effective than more traditional marketing efforts.
                      In 2020 alone, companies and businesses in the US spent over 370 billion dollars on digital marketing. Moreover, it is also expected that by 2024, the money spent on digital marketing will exceed 460 billion dollars.
                      According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there were 316,800 jobs in the advertising, promotion, and marketing sector in 2020. By the end of this decade, the number of jobs in the marketing industry is likely to increase by 10%.
                      These figures suggest that digital marketing is a promising field with plenty of career opportunities. Learning digital marketing skills will make you eligible for various high-paying roles in the marketing sector. In the US, the average annual salary of marketing managers in 2020 was $1,42,170.
                      A lot of companies also hire freelance or remote digital marketing managers. In 2020, more than 17,000 remote digital marketing jobs were posted on LinkedIn.
                      Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative careers in terms of job opportunities, remuneration, and flexibility. No wonder, online digital marketing courses are becoming a hit with both students and professionals.
                      Here are some of the steps that you need to follow to build a career in digital marketing:
                      Step 1: Complete your Bachelor's Degree. Most companies hire candidates with a bachelor's degree in marketing or communication as digital marketing managers.
                      Step 2: Take an industry-relevant digital marketing course or digital marketing certification to acquire top digital marketing skills.
                      Step 3: Work on practical projects to gain experience and add value to your CV.
                      Step 4: Apply for full-time digital marketing jobs at companies or marketing agencies. You can also seek work as a freelance social media expert/manager.
                      As a digital marketing strategist or manager, there are various skills that one must acquire. The following are the necessary skills to build a career in the digital marketing field:
                      • Creative Ability
                      • Competitive Research Skills
                      • Communication Skills
                      • Content Marketing
                      • Content Strategy
                      • Problem-Solving Skills
                      • Branding
                      • Hootsuite
                      • Adobe Premiere
                      • Facebook/Instagram Marketing
                      • Google Analytics
                      • Content Management
                      • Web Analytics
                      • Sales Operation
                      • Graphic Design Search Engine Optimization
                      • Brand Development
                      The market size of the digital marketing industry in the US is expected to reach over $155 billion in 2021. Currently, the US has a share of nearly 38% in the global digital marketing industry.
                      Due to high competition in the market, companies want to hire the best digital marketing managers that can help them launch creative campaigns, create and maintain their brand image, and bring in more customers.
                      Even during the pandemic, digital marketing jobs have increased by 63% since December 2020. Currently, digital marketing jobs are the sixth most in-demand job posted on LinkedIn. Moreover, nearly 381k digital marketing jobs were posted on LinkedIn in 2020.
                      A large chunk of digital marketing job opportunities are available in art, education, retail, corporate services, legal, software and IT, design, and media communications sectors. The top companies that have hired the most people to their marketing team are Catchafire, PepsiCo, Facebook, Toptal, PwC, and many others.
                      Digital marketing is a promising career field with plenty of job opportunities. Companies are always looking for skilled candidates that can help them expand their customer base through marketing efforts. The most in-demand job roles in the digital marketing sector are:
                      1. Social Media Manager
                      A social media manager or community manager plans and implements social media strategies to create an online presence for the brand. They actively research and experiment with different social media channels to identify new opportunities for enhancing customer reach and marketing.
                      Salary: Median salary of social media managers in the US is $50,000 annually.
                      2. Digital Marketing Specialist
                      Digital Marketing Specialists design campaigns for social media platforms and online channels. Whether it’s identifying potential customers for a product or service, interacting with customers, or executing online marketing campaigns, a digital marketing specialist does it all.
                      Salary: The average salary of a digital marketing specialist in the US is $50,362 annually.
                      3. Digital Marketing Executive
                      Digital Marketing Specialists design campaigns for social media platforms and online channels. Whether it’s identifying potential customers for a product or service, interacting with customers, or executing online marketing campaigns, a digital marketing specialist does it all.
                      Salary: The average salary of a digital marketing executive in the US is $69,000 annually.
                      A few other popular career paths for Digital Marketers and their corresponding average salaries:
                      • Media Coordinator: $40,575 annually
                      • Search Manager: $61,323 annually
                      • Marketing Analyst: $59,647 annually
                      With every passing day, a large number of businesses and companies are switching to digital marketing. As a result, companies are on a hiring spree for digital marketing roles. Making now the best time to build a career in digital marketing.


                      - *Past record is no guarantee of future job prospects. Terms and conditions apply.