Data Science Courses in Kolkata

From established tech companies to new startups, businesses and corporations in Kolkata are happily embracing Data Science as the road to innovation and success.
Kolkata has many institutes that offer well-structured Data Science courses both for students and professionals. These Data Science courses aim to teach learners all the fundamental concepts of Data Science including data collection, data mining, data cleansing/organizing, data exploration, data analysis, data transformation, data integration, and data visualization. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Predictive Modelling, and Natural Language Processing are the four primary focus areas of Data Science courses in Kolkata.


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Programs in Data Science (5 to 18 months)

Anyone including novices, statisticians, information architects, developers, big data professionals, business analysts, or someone who is simply curious about this rapidly growing field can take a course that fits their needs and can confidently take the next step in their Data Science journey.

PG Diploma in Data Science
PG Diploma in Data Science | 12 months
Become a Data Scientist and learn how Uber bridges its supply-demand gap and lots more
Program Level
12 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
Master of Science in Data Science
Master of Science in Data Science | 18 months
Pursue an integrated Master's Program in Data Science from IIIT-B and LJMU
Program Level
18 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
PG Certification in Data Science
PG Certification in Data Science | 7 months
Become a Data Analyst by learning how Gramener identifies credit defaulters and lots more
Program Level
7 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
Why Study Data Science in Kolkata?
Kolkata has been a flourishing industrial area for ages. It is home to some of the biggest industrial corporations in India. From agro-based industries to electronics and software companies, Kolkata’s industrial scenario is a vibrant one. With the IT industry rooted firmly now, Kolkata is encouraging the development of pioneering methodologies across all its major industries - healthcare, banking & financial services, real estate, manufacturing & retail, to name a few. Furthermore, the city is today witnessing a massive boost in the number of startups. With Data Science becoming the favourite of industries, both Data Science scope and job roles are multiplying fast in Kolkata.
While the demand for Data Science professionals in Kolkata is rising at a fast pace, their supply is relatively slow. This is the reason why numerous institutes offering Data Science courses have emerged in Kolkata in the past five years. Even colleges and universities are including Data Science courses in their curriculum. This trend is also gaining momentum within the company infrastructure as well where employers are taking an active interest in upskilling their employees in emerging technologies like Data Science.
The rapidly expanding tech and commercial sectors in Kolkata present promising opportunities for Data Science and Data Science aspirants.
How to become a Data Scientist in Kolkata?
How to become a Data Scientist in Kolkata?
Ideal educational qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, Maths, or a related field.
  • Master’s degree in Data Science or a related field.
  • Experience in the field you want to work in (physics, healthcare, pharma, etc.)
Ideal pre-requisite knowledge:
  • Knowledge of statistics, mathematics and machine learning
  • Coding in R or Python
  • Ability to study databases: the data types, the technologies used to store them, and how they are retrieved
  • Knowledge of tools like Hadoop, Spark, and MapReduce. Couple these with visualization and data reporting tools like Tableau.
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Professional Certificate In Data Science

The Data Science courses provided by upGrad will make you industry-ready. Our courses allow you the flexibility to choose a course depending on your current skill level, your career aspirations and the time that you are willing to devote.

You’ll get to study the basic as well as advanced Data Science concepts in the fields of statistics, machine learning, programming and incorporate them with Data Science.

In the statistics domain, you’ll learn about probability, regression and inference, to name a few. Segments on machine learning will prepare you design algorithms that learn on their own. SQL and Hadoop will help you to deal with large volumes of data- access it, manipulate it and break it. Programming will help you put all of this into practice and derive the insights and results you want.

The case studies for the Data Science certification program have been carefully chosen from a variety of fields so that no matter which one you go in, you will be able to apply your Data Science skills. These skills can be used in the fields of banking, finance, entertainment, pharmaceutical, environment, economics and many more.

Professional Certificate In Data Science

What you learn:

  • Fundamental programming skills
  • Implementing machine learning algorithms
  • Using data visualization and reporting tools for real-world scenarios
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of statistical concepts like inference, probability, Bayes Theorem, modeling
  • Putting it all into practice through case studies and projects

Programming Languages and Tools Covered


Learn from India’s leading Data Science faculty & industry leaders

Data Science Salaries in Kolkata
Kolkata is an up and coming hub for Data Science professionals. So, the pay scale for Data Science professionals in Kolkata varies significantly, meaning that the starting salary and the highest salary may depict a substantial gap. As is true of all the prime Data Science locations in India, in Kolkata too, the salary of Data Science professionals depends on various factors including company size, job position, skillset, educational qualifications, and work experience. Professionals who have the core skills that are a staple for most Data Science job roles, namely Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Data Analysis, Data Modeling, and programming (Python, R, SQL) skills can earn high-end salaries (above average). Then again, if you land jobs in tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, TCS, Accenture, Cognizant, Fractal Analytics, etc., you will likely earn handsome yearly compensation.
In Kolkata, Data Science freshers usually make anywhere between Rs. 2.2-3.5. LPA. As the work experience increases, so does the pay scale. Professionals who have 6-8 years of experience can make Rs.4-7.5 LPA, and those with more than ten years of experience earn anywhere around Rs.9-15 LPA. Senior-level professionals who have more than 15 years of experience receive a yearly salary package of Rs. 22-40 LPA or more.
Data Science Career Path in Kolkata
Data Science Career Path in Kolkata
As a career choice, Data Science is an excellent option. It is one of the most trending tech concepts at present and is widely popular, the world over. In fact, the popularity and benefits of Data Science are so incredible that companies across all parallels of the industry are experimenting with Data Science and its branches, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Data Science is so diverse that each sub-segment requires a specialized area of interest, hence, giving birth to many unique career paths.
Although it is a great thing to get to choose among numerous options, the choice can get challenging, particularly if you don’t know how to get started. The trick is simple - first, take a serious look into your interests, skills, and career goals. Once you make sense of these, the choice of a Data Science career path should be easy.
Some of the best and trending Data Science job roles in Kolkata are Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Warehouse Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Robotics Engineer, NLP Engineer, Data Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, Statistician, Analytics Manager, to name a few.
While full-time employment is the first priority, you should also keep an open mind and try out freelance Data Science jobs. This can be an excellent way to earn money and also hone your Data Science skills until you bag your dream job in Data Science in a well-established company.
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