Cyber Security Courses in Bangalore

As Cyber security becomes a central concern for organizations, its need has never been more highly realized. With the average cost of a data breach coming in at a massive US$3.92 million (as estimated by 2019 Cost of a Data Breach report, released by the Ponemon Institute and IBM Security), there has never been a field that is more relevant.
upGrad is one of the best Cyber Security online course provider in Bangalore offering services from training to placement assistance as part of the program. Our Learners work at some top companies including Amazon, Accenture, Adobe, Paytm, Flipkart, Genpact, Myntra etc. So if you’ve ever considered studying cybersecurity read on, and you will find your answers.


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Programs in Cyber Security (7 to 12 months)

Become a Cyber Security expert by specialising in application security, data secrecy, cryptography and network security.

PG Certification in Cyber Security
PG Certification in Cyber Security | 7 months
Become a Cyber Security expert by specializing in application security, data secrecy, cryptography, network security.
Program Level
7 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
PGD in SD with Cyber Security
PGD in SD with Cyber Security | 12 months
Become a Cyber Security expert by specialising in application security, data secrecy, cryptography and network security.
Program Level
12 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
Why study a Cyber Security course in Bangalore?
A cybersecurity course in Bangalore promises considerable returns on both your time as well as monetary investment in the form of a rich and lucrative career that will be both long as it will be rewarding! Not only this, you will also get the satisfaction of knowing that your work makes a concrete difference in the world, and that millions of people can rest at peace, knowing that their data (and by extension, their livelihoods) are safe. A cybersecurity course in Bangalore will firstly take you through various basic industry knowledge topics, such as cryptography, digital signatures, and more. Then, it will also have comprehensive knowledge required for practical purposes, covering topics such as security management and engineering, identity and access management, business continuity, compliance, software development security, physical security, security operations, and more.
Once you have completed the cybersecurity course in Bangalore, you will have various career paths open for you and you may choose whichever one aligns best with your interests. You can take up jobs which require analysts (Security Analyst, Forensic Computer Analyst, and more), or you can opt for the engineer route (Security Engineer, IT Security Engineer), but if that doesn’t interest you as much, you can also take up specialised roles, such as Cryptographer, Security Architect, Vulnerability Assessor, Intrusion Detection Specialist, and more! Every single organization, whether they’re in military or defense, banking and financial services, IT companies, or legal services, is looking for cybersecurity experts. So there will be no dearth of opportunities anywhere.
You can find employment opportunities in IT companies, military and defense organizations, eCommerce companies, banks & financial services firms, and legal consultancies.
Bangalore has a thriving IT culture and is considered one of the best cities in India, not just in terms of employment opportunities but also in terms of the weather. So if you’re considering a career shift through a Cybersecurity course in Bangalore, you’re about to make the best decision for your career in the long term!
How to Become a Cyber Security Expert in Bangalore?
How to Become a Cyber Security Expert in Bangalore?
Ideal educational qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree with 50% or equivalent passing marks.
  • No coding experience required
  • Engineers, Marketing Professionals, Software & IT Professionals can do Data Science programs
Cyberspace in Bangalore has indeed increased the prospects of becoming a self-taught expert in virtually anything. If one has the aptitude for it, employers often prefer employees with some degree of formal education in the field when it comes to careers in cyber security. Some employers may accept an associate’s degree or a few years of work experience when starting. However, a degree significantly strengthens the prospects of being hired at a top-tier firm with the added managerial skills. For those wondering if they meet the criteria to apply to a cyber security program, the minimum qualifications are:
Who must do Cyber Security Course?
  • IT and Technology Professionals
  • Project Leads and Managers in IT/Tech Companies
  • Data Professionals
  • Java & Other Coding Professionals
  • Testing Professionals
Top Skills You Will Learn:
  • Application Security
  • Data Secrecy
  • Cryptography
  • Network Security
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Programming Languages and Tools Covered

Certification from IIIT Bangalore

Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this prestigious recognition from IIIT-Bangalore. IIIT-Bangalore is a deemed university by UGC, AICTE approved & in the Top 70 Engineering Universities as per NIRF Rankings.

  • Build a strong network for life with opportunities to connect to Cyber Security Industry experts & your experienced fellow learners
  • Gain theoretical knowledge & practical understanding with this cutting-edge curriculum
  • Learn multiple tools & languages to stand apart to gain a foothold in the Cyber Security industry
Certification from IIIT Bangalore
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Learn from India’s leading Cyber Security faculty and industry leaders.

Cyber Security Career Options
Cyber Security Career Options
Once you are a certified cyber security specialist, organizations across various industries, from the government to the private sector, become viable career options. The job market for skilled cyber security professionals is skyrocketing and estimated to keep rising. A report by NASSCOM says that India alone would need 1 million cyber security professionals by 2020 [Economic Times].
An Associates’ degree in Cyber Security would secure an entry-level cyber security technician’s role, or the same can be used as a precursor to a three-year bachelor’s degree.
A Bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security qualifies for employment as a cyber security analyst, information security analyst, or computer security analyst.
A Master’s degree in Cyber Security is formulated to equip students with the most sophisticated techniques such as digital forensics, cryptography, and biometrics. Postgraduate students generally go on to be recruited as security application programmers, penetration and vulnerability testers, cybersecurity managers, or cybersecurity consultants, among others.
Cyber Security Salaries in Bangalore
Cyber Security Salaries in Bangalore
Jobs in cybersecurity, like jobs in any other field, are determined by various factors, not all of which are possible to account for beforehand. But that being said, cybersecurity professionals make much more than average salaries, and can go a long way depending on the exact path they take.
Below are some indicative salaries for various cybersecurity roles:
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - ₹4,050,000 LPA
  • Security Architect - ₹2,200,000 LPA
  • Cloud Architect - ₹1,835,794 LPA
  • Security Analyst - ₹870,000 LPA
  • Cybersecurity Analyst - ₹750,572 LPA
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) - ₹690,720 LPA
  • Network Security Engineer - ₹595,598 LPA
Benefits with upGrad
360 Degree Career Support services, Personalised Mentorship from Industry Experts, Hands-on Projects & Hackathons, Peer Networking opportunities & a whole lot more to help you master Machine Learning & AI.
  • Job Opportunities
    upGrad Opportunities
    • upGrad Elevate: Virtual hiring drive giving you the opportunity to interview with upGrad's 300+ hiring partners
    • Job Opportunities Portal: Gain exclusive access to upGrad's Job Opportunities portal which has 100+ openings from upGrad's hiring partners at any given time
    • Relevant Internship opportunities for learners open to gaining hands-on experience
    • Top performers in Hacakthons will have the opportunity to interview with the host company
    • Post graduation Career Support: live sessions with industry mentors to guide you, dedicated mentorship, & access to upGrad’s career assistance resources.
  • Career Assistance
    Interview Prep & Resume Building
    • Get 1:1 Resume Review Sessions with Industry Experts & a dedicated Career Mentor
    • Profile Building Workshops: Live sessions on how to build your profile - be it your resume or GitHub profile
    • Explore 100+ commonly asked interview questions across modules
    Company Specific Preparation
    • Just-in-Time Interviews: Get company & role-specific preparation with mock interviews right before your actual interviews
    • Access to a carefully curated pool of interview resources per company to ensure you're interview-ready
  • Personalised Mentorship
    Industry Expert Mentorship
    • Fortnightly personalised group (1:8) mentorship sessions with industry experts for pro-active mentoring
    • Calls with industry experts for personalised feedback & guidance spread over 3 months
    • Live interactive sessions with leading industry experts covering curriculum + advanced topics
    Dedicated upGrad Mentors
    • Student Success Mentor to track your program progress & aid you at every point with all doubts
    • A dedicated Career mentor to help track your weekly company application targets, coach you on your profile and assist with your career transition journey
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