Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI

Our best-selling program with a 4.5-star rating. Learn in-demand skills such as Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning & work on 12+ industry projects, multiple programming tools & a dissertation.

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  • 85+ Countries
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  • 20 Months
    Recommended 15 hrs/week
  • Jan 31, 2022
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  • USD 7,149
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Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • 20 In-Demand Tools & Languages
  • 30+ Case Studies, Coding Assignments & Capstone Project
  • 4 Months Masters Thesis
  • Expert Coaching Sessions
  • Global Industry Experts
  • 750+ Hours of Learning
  • Student Support available all day for your convenience (24*7). For urgent queries, use the Call Back option on the platform
  • IIIT Bangalore & LJMU Alumni Status
  • Career Essential Soft Skills Program
  • Timely Doubt Resolution

Experience 500+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects. 


20+ Programming Languages, Tools & Libraries Covered

Master's Degree from LJMU

With a heritage that stretches back to 1823, Liverpool John Moores University, UK is now one of the largest and most well-established universities in the UK. It has been ranked in the Top 100 World Young Universities & Top 50 in the UK by Student Satisfaction.

  • Complete all courses to achieve this prestigious M.Sc. Degree from LJMU, UK to jump-start your career in ML & AI
  • Get access to the complete digital library of LJMU to research & write your dissertation
  • Earn a Master's degree which is recognised by WES, at 1/10th the cost of an offline program
Master's Degree from LJMU
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Learn from leading ML & AI faculty and industry leaders


Experience 750+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects.

  • International Preparatory Course
    • 4 Weeks
  • Statistics and Exploratory Data Analytics
    • 5 Weeks
  • Machine Learning - I
    • 7 Weeks
  • Machine Learning - II
    • 7 Weeks
  • Deep Learning
    • 8 Weeks
  • Natural Language Processing
    • 7 Weeks
  • Elective 1: DL with MLops
    • 10 Weeks
  • Elective 2: NLP with MLops
    • 10 Weeks
  • Elective 3: AI Strategy
    • 10 Weeks
  • Reinforcement Learning (Optional)
    • Research Methodologies
      • 8 Weeks
    • Master's Dissertation
      • 16 weeks
    • 750+
      Learning Hours
    • 12+
      Industry Projects
    • 40+
      Live Sessions
    • 6
      Capstone Projects
    • 20+
      Tools, Languages & Libraries

    Industry Projects

    Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries

    • Engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction
    • Benefit by learning in-person with Expert Mentors
    • Personalized subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate improvement
    • Telecom Churn Analysis
      Solve the most crucial business problem for a leading telecom operator in In...
      Learn More
    • Train an agent to play Tic Tac Toe
      Learners will apply Q-Learning to train an RL agent to play the game of nume...
      Learn More
    • Classification of Customer Complaints
      Create a solution that will help in identifying the type of complaint ticket...
      Learn More
    • Credit Card Fraud Detection
      Build a machine learning model capable of detecting fraudulent transactions....
      Learn More
    • Melanoma Detection Assignment
      Build a neural network from scratch in Tensorflow to identify the type of sk...
      Learn More
    • Gesture Recognition
      Make a Smart TV application which can control the TV with user’s hand gestur...
      Learn More
    • News Recommender System
      Build a model to using the concepts of natural language processing and recom...
      Learn More
    • Maximizing profit of cab driver using RL
      Learners will use the Markov Decision Process & Q-Learning to build an RL ag...
      Learn More
    • Custom Entity detection in Healthcare data
      You will build a custom NER to get the list of diseases and their treatment ...
      Learn More
    • Eye for the Blind
      Build a model that can help any visually impaired person in understanding im...
      Learn More
    • Sentiment analysis based Product Recommender system
      Build a sentiment analysis based product recommendation system to recommend ...
      Learn More
    • Sales Forecasting
      Predict the sales for a european pharma giant using a host of different type...
      Learn More
    • Style Transfer using GAN's
      Build a Model for converting MRI images from one type (T1) into other (T2) a...
      Learn More
    • Machine Translation System
      You will build an attention-based neural machine translation model translati...
      Learn More
    • Face Mask Detection
      Create a custom object detector using the YOLO algorithm to detect the pres...
      Learn More
    Benefits with upGrad
    Dedicated Career Support services, Personalized Mentorship from Global Industry Experts, Hands-on Projects, Peer-peer International networking opportunities & a whole lot more to help you master Machine Learning & AI.
    • Career Assistance
      Interview Prep & Resume Building
      • Get 1:1 Resume Review Sessions from Industry Experts with International exposure & a dedicated Career Mentor.
      • Profile Building Workshops: Live sessions on how to build your profile - be it your resume or GitHub profile
      • Explore 100+ commonly asked interview questions across modules
      Company Specific Preparation
      • Just-in-Time Interviews: Get company and role-specific preparation with mock interviews right before your actual interviews
      • Access to a carefully curated pool of interview resources per company to ensure you're interview-ready
    • Industry Expert Mentorship
      • Fortnightly personalised group (1:8) mentorship sessions with global industry experts for pro-active mentoring.
      • Calls with industry-experienced experts for personalised feedback & guidance spread over 3 months.
      • Live interactive sessions with leading industry experts covering curriculum + advanced topics
      Student Support
      • Student Support available all day for your convenience (24*7)
      • For urgent queries, use the Call Back option on the platform.
    • Hands-on Project
      • 12+ industry projects & assignments and choose 6 options out of 10 Capstone Projects
      • Live coding classes on Kaggle & OpenCV & sessions to build your Github profile
      Networking & Learning Experience
      • Live Discussion forum for peer to peer doubt resolution monitored by technical experts
      • Reverse knowledge transfer sessions (FLIP classrooms) with learners tutoring fellow batchmates
      • Worldwide peer to peer networking opportunities with an alumni pool of 10000+.
      • Lab walkthroughs of industry-driven projects
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    USD 7,149
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    • Master of Science in ML & AI Without Quitting Your Job
    • Cutting-Edge Curriculum Designed by Industry Experts & Experienced Faculty
    • Dual Alumni Status from IIIT Bangalore & LJMU, UK
    • Upskill yourself with 500+ learning hours
    • A truly International program with Learners from 85+ Countries

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