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Executive Program
in Strategic Digital Marketing

Online4 MonthsStarts 15th December, 2018*$1,800 i

In collaboration with

Joint Certificate  from Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education and UpGrad.

Program Highlights

Global Content, Local Context

  • 100+ learning modules from leading Cambridge Judge faculty and industry experts
  • 8 sector specific case studies conducted by experts from Facebook, HP, HCL, Adidas, ANZ and Landmark Group
  • Doubt Resolution within 24 hours through a dedicated team of Teaching Assistants

   Action Based Learning

  • Hands-on experience with 7 tools widely used by marketers
  • 2 live simulation projects to strategize, execute and manage campaigns across digital channels
  • Rigorous and customized feedback on all assignments and projects

   Action Based Learning

  • Three 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with industry experts of your choice

  • Exclusive membership to Program Alumni group  run by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education and UpGrad

  • Lifetime access to networking sessions to be hosted in Nigeria

Program Vitals

Course Duration

Dec'18 - Apr'19Online, 4 Months

Time Commitment

4-6 hoursper week

Program Fee


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Student Reviews

Cambridge Judge Business School

With more than 800 years of history in educating leaders, the University of Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Cambridge Judge Business School has forged a reputation as a centre of rigorous thinking and high-impact transformative education. CJBS has been ranked one of the top 5 B-schools globally by Financial Times MBA Ranking in 2017.

To know more about Cambridge Judge Business School and its collaboration with UpGrad, click here.

Dr. Kishore Sengupta, Director, Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education
“CJBS' academic rigour and expertise in conjunction with UpGrad's online learning experience expertise, will make this program a deeply engaging journey for all of us. At CJBS, we want to empower individuals to create impact on the world.”

Dr. Kishore Sengupta

Director of Executive Education, Cambridge Judge Business School

Program Syllabus

7 Modules with individual projects4 Months


  • Impact of digital transformation on the traditional marketing landscape
    • Digital brand transformation of UK’s Metro Bank
  • Understanding the core behaviour of the “Digital Customer”
  • Driving transition from Mass Markets to Consumer Networks
    • Coca Cola’s ground-breaking “Share a Coke” campaign
  • Rethinking the consumer journey for the digital customer
    • “Mobile first” as a success story for Pampers in Western Africa
    • GSK’s mobile application-based approach to strengthen brand equity
  • Overview of the digital marketing channels


  • Analyse the effect of digital transformation in your own organisation and lay out a
    plan to drive marketing in this changing landscape.


  • Staying relevant in the digital world
  • Next-gen customer segmentation - Descriptor, Behaviour and Benefit-based approach
  • Framework to choose between Mass, Differentiated or Niche Targeting
    • Ford’s transition from a single model mass-producer to segmented car manufacturer
    • N26, a major Polish bank - case in point for an internet only bank
  • Thumb rules to establish your positioning statement
    • 7UP’s repositioning itself in the soft drinks market dominated by Coke
    • Google Maps’ strategic positioning setting it apart from Garmin and Waze
  • Breakaway, Stealth and Straddle Positioning
  • Pros and cons: Emotional, Rational and Cultural Branding
    • Apple’s brand transformation via The ‘Think Different’ campaign
  • Digital as an enabler for personalized
    • Starbucks’ in-app customisation


  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Brand Journey: Work on the real-life scenario and propose to effectively position and brand the enterprise division to HP’s customers.


  • Demystifying Search Engines
  • Search Engine Optimization - Content, Technical and O Page
  • Different Keyword Strategy - Generating and Shortlisting
    • Google’s calculation of ad ranks for the keyword ‘Keyword Vacation’
  • SEO audit - Diagnosing your web pages using top tools
  • Driving transition from Mass Markets to Consumer Networks
    • Nike’s keyword research and landing page optimisation
  • Decoding the Google quality score
  • Search ad campaigns - generating traffic, leads, and sales
  • Ad campaign structures - campaign, ad groups and ad copies
    • DELL’s search ad copy analysis
  • Mastering Advanced features like Call Extensions, Site extensions
  • Measuring and optimising Search ad campaigns
    • HCL’s optimisation of their landing page to get more leads


  • Live Simulation - Use latest simulation tools and “ad dollars” to create and optimize simulated campaigns, practice A/B testing and plan bid strategies
  • Sports Apparel Brand - Design a search marketing plan for a struggling tennis line of  the business


  • Holistic view of social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
  • LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest
    • Brand lift Facebook campaigns by Horlicks and Snapdeal
  • Brand Awareness, Engagement, Selling and Social Listening
    • Tesla doing it right: Power of social listening
    • Volkswagen, IBM pioneering social media-based lead generation campaigns
  • Understanding Network Effect driver of Social Media
  • Going viral with effective content strategy and influencer-based marketing
  • Selecting Channel-mix based on Objectives and Industry types
    • Axis Bank’s effective social media channel-mix strategy
  • Organic v/s Paid Social Media
    • Maxx Fashion and Home Centre’s marketing tactics
  • Social Media Strategy - planning, monitoring and optimizing
    • Adobe maximizing its digital marketing returns



  • Display Advertising Ecosystem
    • YouTube as a channel for display advertising
  • Best Practices for display marketing
    • Zalando, a fashion brand and it's different display ads to raise awareness
  • Measuring and optimising display campaigns
  • Affiliate Marketing - different cost models and their usage
  • Breaking the Myths about Email Market Ecosystem
    • Uber, Lyft - Best practices in email marketing
    • Buffer’s successful email nurturing methodology
    • Amazon’s mastering its emails journeys
  • Mobile app marketing strategies to drive adoption and engagement


  • Devise a strategy for using display and email marketing for a credit card product of a Bank in Singapore
  • Use simulation tools to launch multiple email campaigns and setup email journeys


  • Making the omni-channel approach work
  • Deciding channel and device mix
    • HCL’s famous “United by HCL” campaign for B2B marketing
    • Working on an integrated marketing framework
    • Situation Analysis
    • Target Audience Selection
    • Determining Objectives
    • Designing Communications
    • Channel/Media Selection and Evaluation
  • Choice between In-house set-up or agency supervision
  • Writing effective agency briefs
  • Content strategy and marketing automation
  • Budget allocation and optimization


  • Devise an integrated marketing strategy for HCL’s IoT division.


  • Business metrics for various objectives along the funnel
    • Getting the best out of the analytical tools - Google Analytics, Clevertap, and Appsflyer
  • Estimating customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost
    • Uber’s innovative LTV and CAC estimation model
  • Multiple routes for effective digital marketing analytics
  • Designing custom dashboards for executive reporting
    • Saavn’s foray into international markets by getting audience insights


  • Identify the relevant ROI monitoring metrics, build a dashboard and extract important business insights
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