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Program creators

Jeffrey Aven

Jeffrey Aven

Principal Consultant

Big Data Solutions

  • Exp - 26 Years
Peter Henstock

Peter Henstock

Machine Learning & AI Lead

Pfizer, Ex-Harvard

  • Exp - 21 Years
Shobhit Nigam

Shobhit Nigam

Program Director


  • Exp - 18 Years
Rahul Tiwari

Rahul Tiwari

Data Scientist and Co-Founder


  • Exp - 15 Years
Dr. Vishwakarma J.S.

Dr. Vishwakarma J.S.

Enterprise Architect, CTO

Ex-Volkwagen, PWC, EY

  • Exp - 14 Years
Enes Bilgin

Enes Bilgin

Staff Machine Learning Engineer

Ex-Microsoft, Amazon

  • Exp - 14 Years
Rocky Jagtiani

Rocky Jagtiani

Master Data Science ML and AI trainer and Project Consultant to RTI CAG( Central Govt )

Suven Consultants and Technology Pvt.Ltd.

  • Exp - 16 Years
Manikant Kandukuri

Manikant Kandukuri

Senior Data Scientist

Ex Axis Solar

  • Exp - 11 Years
Jayanth MK

Jayanth MK

Data Science Engineer at Siemens Technology

Siemens Technology India · Full-time

  • Exp - 4 Years
Urvinder Singh

Urvinder Singh

Data Scientist at Colgate-Palmolive DnA CoE | 2xGCP Certified | Mentor- Data Science & Tableau


  • Exp - 13 Years
Tushit Dave

Tushit Dave

Data Science Consultant @ HCL | NLP | Keynote Speaker | Trainer & Coach | Author & Content Creator | MLOPS | Analytical Experimentor | Data manipulator | Strategist | Story Teller and in the end Theory Matter


  • Exp - 10 Years

Learn with a world class curriculum


Version Control using Git and GitHub

Build your foundation from the ground up with the Basecamp milestone. Gain critical and valuable knowledge and skills, both conceptual and practical, and get set to embrace technologies and workflows that follow.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Version Control with Git
  • Git from the Command Line
  • Everyday Git Commands
  • Git for collaboration

Maths and Stats Foundation

The first step to becoming a proficient data analyst is the mastery of math and statistics. This milestone will help you understand the fundamental concepts of math and stats. A solid foundation in these concepts will help you gain meaningful insights from data.

Topics Covered

  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus

Data Analysis with Excel

This milestone is aimed at making you a pro in data analysis using SQL and Python. Start your data analysis journey with Excel and learn how to perform basic and advanced analysis using Excel.

Topics Covered

  • Data Cleaning and Preparing
  • Pivot Table and Grouping for Data Analysis
  • Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Lookup Functions and Merging Techniques
  • Charts and Visualization Techniques
  • Data Analysis ToolPak for Statistics

Data Analysis using SQL

Go beyond Excel and learn how to use SQL to extract and analyse data stored in databases. In this milestone you will learn how to extract data, join tables, perform aggregations and then move onto more complex analysis using subqueries, temp tables, and window functions.

Topics Covered

  • What is SQL and Why is it Important?
  • SQL Database Admin Commands
  • The Basics of SQL
  • Filtering Data Using WHERE Clause in SQL
  • Aggregation and Summary Functions in SQL
  • Miscellaneous Analysis in SQL
  • Table to Table Relationship in SQL
  • Combining Tables
  • Advanced SQL Data Analysis
  • Making Efficient Analysis

Python for Data Analytics

Get started on your Python leaning journey with this milestone, aimed at helping learners understand Python through in-depth theory and practical lessons. Create powerful visuals and masterful data stories to solve complex business problems.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Python
  • Code and Data
  • Building Blocks
  • Strings
  • Data Structures
  • Flow Control
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • Files
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Regular Expression
  • Visualization

Advance Data Analysis with Python

Once you are set up with the essentials of Python, its time to move on to Advanced Data Analysis using Python. By the end of this milestone, you would have mastered data analysis using Python to get meaningful insights from data. You will also learn how to perform EDA using Python.

Topics Covered

  • Exploratory Data Analysis in Python
  • Confirmatory Data Analysis in Python
  • Intermediate pandas
  • Unstructured Data in Python
  • Working with APIs in Python
  • Parallel Computing with Dask
  • Intermediate Seaborn
  • Interactive Visualizations with Plotly and Bokeh

Data Visualization using Tableau

This milestone will help you become a Tableau proficient by allowing you to explore, experiment with, fix, prepare, and present data easily, quickly, and beautifully. A strong theoretical foundation backed by in-depth hands-on practical will make you an expert Tableau user who can analyse and visually present data with ease.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Data Visualization and Tableau
  • Understanding Tableau Building Blocks
  • Managing Data connections
  • Prepare Data for use
  • Basic Data Visualization
  • Advanced Data Visualization
  • Slicing and Dicing Data
  • Tableau Basic Calculations
  • Tableau Advanced Calculations
  • Formatting
  • Dashboard Designing
  • Publishing and Sharing

Get a real world understanding through industry projects


Inventory Management

Track your inventory, view existing sales orders, create new orders, and generate real-time inventory reports on the go.



Get the calorie count information and nutrition facts for all the menu items available at McDonald's outlets.

Life Save

Suicide Prevention

Get working suicide helpline numbers in India in case anyone is feeling suicidal. Identify suicide clusters based on past trends.

Check My Flight


Analyze flight prices all over India, identify patterns (if any), and forecast future flight patterns using Tableau

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6 10.25 INR - 8,935
9 10.25 INR - 6,102
12 10.25 INR - 4,686
Tenure (Monthly) Interest (Flat) Per Annum EMI
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  • Standard Interest based EMI plans for Liquiloans mentioned is Flat interest Rates.
  • Interest Rate is subjected to the market scenario.

See what our learners say

Bhupendra Choudhary

Bhupendra Choudhary

My overall journey has been great. My mentor and trainer have been super supportive. They help everyone in the batch follow the curriculum... Show More

Amrita Surensra Bimal

Amrita Surensra Bimal

I enjoyed this Data Science program a lot. Most importantly for me, I learnt about Python and Data engineering-related Big Data tools... Show More

Brajesh Chotia

Brajesh Chotia

I relish live, online sessions and understanding the content in detail. I learnt Python and Data Analysis via this program... Show More

Vaibhav Sah

Vaibhav Sah

After 8 years of journey, I have always been looking for continuing my studies. Then after comparing through multiple options, I finally chose... Show More

Nandish Swarup

Nandish Swarup

My journey at upgrade has been nothing but a rollercoaster ride full of fun and excitement. I was looking for ways to add some skills to my skill set...Show More

Austin Bernard

Austin Bernard

While looking to upskill myself, I found Upgrad. It was a tremendous journey over the last year. The program has helped change my perceptions... Show More

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the prerequisites for this bootcamp?

There are no prerequisites for attending this Bootcamp. Prior knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, and Python will be beneficial but is not mandatory. The right aptitude, logical thinking, and drive for curiosity are all you need. Leave the rest to us.

2. What are the system requirements for this bootcamp?

The minimum recommended system requirement is to have a workstation or laptop with at least 8GB of RAM and an internet connection.

3. How is this Bootcamp conducted?

This Bootcamp is conducted in a blended learning mode, which includes Live Instructor-Led training and modules of self-paced learning. Apart from this, there will be assignments, assessments, quizzes, and projects to supplement the learning and build a job-worthy portfolio. Once you complete your learning, there will also be a special module to get you interview ready with mock interviews, portfolio reviews, and more!

4. I am from a non-tech background, can I take up this course?

Absolutely! This data analyst course has been created to take you from zero data analytics skills to expert level. You will be coached on the fundamentals of programming, mathematics, and statistics and go on to learn intermediate and advanced level tools and technologies to work with large datasets. You can take up this course even if you are not from a tech background.

5. How is online interactive training conducted?

Our live training sessions will be conducted over a video conference platform. These sessions will be interactive where the learners will have the chance to get their doubts clarified by the trainer.

6. Is this live training or pre-recorded videos?

This bootcamp includes sessions that are live as well as pre-recorded content which will be a part of the self-learning modules.

7. How do I join the class?

You will be given login credentials to attend the live classes and another login for PRISM - our state-of-the-art learning experience platform.

8. What if I miss a class?

All our classes start with a quick recap of the previous session. You will also be able to access class recordings from PRISM. It is recommended to attend all the live sessions for training and mentoring.

1. What are the modes of training offered for the Data Analyst Bootcamp?

Currently, the Data Analyst Bootcamp is offered online as live, interactive, trainer-led sessions where you will get to learn directly from the trainer with opportunities to discuss and clear doubts.

2. Who are the instructors?

Our Data Analyst Bootcamps online are led by instructors who are experts in the domain of Data, with vast industry experience, and a passion to teach. You will learn fundamental concepts, practical aspects, and best practices in Data Analytics in the Bootcamp.

3. How are the workshops structured?

Our Data Analyst Bootcamp is delivered through a blended learning model that includes live virtual classrooms. It includes 110+ hours of live instructor-led sessions. Our training focuses on interactive learning. Most class time is dedicated to hands-on exercises, lively discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by the trainer who is an expert in the domain. The focus is on finding practical solutions to real-world scenarios in various project environments, both big and small.

4. What will the online classroom experience be like?

In an online classroom, students can log in at the scheduled time to a live learning environment that is led by an instructor. You can interact, communicate, view, and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting. Our instructors for the course use an extensive set of collaboration tools and techniques which improve your online training experience.


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