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What is Creative Website Surveys? Everything to know

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13th Feb, 2023
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What is Creative Website Surveys? Everything to know

Have you seen any surveys recently on the websites you visit? They are the little windows that appear at the bottom of a web page while you browse it, and they occur more frequently. They give businesses immediate customer feedback, assist them in improving their websites, and even serve as a source of leads. With varying methods of surveys contributing to a company’s data collection methods, marketing efforts from companies have experienced a significant boost in terms of better services and enhanced brand image! 

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Before we find the various creative website surveys, let us first understand what exactly they are and how they work.

What is a Website Survey?

Data gathering techniques such as website surveys or internet survey sites involve sending a survey or questionnaire to a sample of respondents over the internet and having them answer online. Web surveys can be distributed to respondents via various channels, including email, website integration, social media, etc. Respondents use online browsers to complete questionnaires on web survey sites, and web-based databases are used to store the survey replies.

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Implementation of Web Surveys

Increasingly, firms are using web surveys to gather and evaluate information to change their operations fundamentally. With effective web survey software, businesses conduct web surveys to gather information and feedback on new goods and services, modifications to marketing plans, upgrades to existing features, etc. Perceiving enhanced usage across industries, the online survey software market is estimated to reach over $5 billion by 2026.

The main factors contributing to the increase in the use of web surveys are their incredibly low cost and the ease with which they can be conducted, given their enormous reach. Since they can send out surveys from desktops or laptops, their target audience may answer these polls whenever possible. Researchers have come to favour conducting surveys utilising internet sources during the past ten years. These surveys also provide the use of complex features like branching, as well as multimedia data collection.

The surveys are generally conducted using two different methods – 

Open Questions

Open questions survey method collects qualitative data on a user’s motivation, behaviour, or thought process. For example, ‘Would you tell a friend about this website and why?

Closed Questions

Closed questions seek numerical or statistical data. For instance, ‘How much time did it take to complete a purchase online?

Now that we know the ways in which web surveys are conducted, let us understand the different methods of how web surveys are actually done – 

Exploring Methods of Web Surveys

Airline Passenger survey

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Emailing the survey is among the most popular ways to deliver a web survey. This email might be sent simultaneously as an email campaign to current customers as well as to potential customers and clients. 

Example: A company may email their past and present consumers a customer satisfaction survey as an example of how to distribute an online survey via email in order to gather detailed feedback on how satisfied they are with the brand.

Social Media

One of the most popular ways to share a web survey is by posting it on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This can usually be done with one click, which makes it even simpler. 

Example: An airline service assessment survey that a company employs to get customer feedback is an example of how social media integration for online surveys has become a great way to reach customers.


An SMS survey is another efficient way to distribute an online survey. This dissemination technique works well when a very big group of contacts are gathered in one place. When collecting data for geo-location-based surveys, this technique can also be applied as phone numbers can be used to categorise respondents. 

Example: An example of an SMS survey is when a coffee shop wants to know how satisfied its customers are overall and wants to use a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question poll, which allows respondents to react online by clicking a URL in the text message.

QR Code

It is possible to create QR codes from web surveys that are subsequently broadcast in print or social media. Respondents can be sent to an online survey by scanning the QR, where they can enter their answers using a smartphone. 

Example: A hardware product assessment survey illustrates how to distribute online surveys using this technique. The QR code is printed on the device itself.

Web Intercept

Web-intercept surveys are an additional useful technique for conducting web surveys. Pop-up, on-page, exit, and time-based surveys, among others, might all be used for this survey. Due to the non-intrusive technique of data collection and the strong brand recognition, which boosts the relevancy of the replies, web-intercept surveys have a high response rate. 

Example: Online store service assessment surveys, where the respondent is provided with a survey on time spent perusing the website, completing a purchase, or speaking with a customer care representative, work as an example of this web survey technique.

Advantages of Web Surveys

Creative Website surveys have a lot of advantages. Let’s explore the most prominent ones!

1. Time and Cost-Effective

Web surveys are far more affordable than other survey techniques like telephone or paper-and-pencil surveys since they demand far fewer resources. It also takes far less time to conduct these web surveys than other forms.

2. Delivers Real-Time Analysis

Researchers can respond quickly to data after gathering it. Researchers may now examine obtained data in real-time out of a central platform with the use of web survey software.

3. Faster Data Collection Medium

Compared to the more traditional forms of surveys, web surveys are easy and much faster when it comes to customer response. 

4. Enhanced Accuracy

When conducting an online survey among a target population, researchers provide respondents with the option of responding anonymously. Respondents to web surveys typically behave more honestly and truthfully while offering comments because of the anonymity they enjoy.

Creative Website Surveys

While we have an idea of what web surveys are and how they work, let us look at some amazing examples of creative website surveys. These may include the highest paying survey sites and more, so stay tuned!


MailChimp employs yet another innovative technology and is one of the best survey sites to make money and assess client loyalty and happiness. The language is succinct and modest, but it is apparent what the main objective is, which is to simply gauge how likely a visitor is to refer the service to someone else. Another reason why this works is that businesses may use it to identify customers who may support their brand and others who may abandon their service.


Databox is both clever and inventive with its internet surveys, as visitors usually find surveys attached at the end of each blog they go through. One way the copy builds on the momentum of your visit is by offering to send you their upcoming blog article. This method works exceptionally well as it eliminates the waiting period for visitors to revisit, delivering the notification of the next articles. Two, it adds a lovely touch and is less salesy to have a picture of the happy Databox salesperson.

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The survey from Colgate appears as you browse product pages and might be a low-cost approach and one of the best survey sites to assess user activity on the website. Additionally, it may be used to determine where customers are in the purchasing process when they are on these pages, providing information to the business and influencing decisions about what to modify on the website and how to improve the user experience.

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Tips to Create your own Creative Website Survey 

Here are a few tips you can incorporate into your web surveys to facilitate high-quality data collection. 

  • Make sure that the questions you ask in the survey are neutral but add value to your company/work. You should ask questions like ‘Why is this app useful?’ instead of ‘Is this app useful?’. This makes the customer feel the importance of their opinions. 
  • Make sure that your questions and the words used to frame the questions are simple to understand. 
  • Make sure that your question only contains one topic. For example – ‘How often do you buy clothes and accessories?’ Your audience must focus on only one topic so that their answers are more honest. 

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A popular method to use the information you discover about website visitors is to conduct inventive website surveys. Comprehending the significance of website surveys can help you leverage user opinions into valuable insights for your business. Frame a marketing strategy based on user opinions and get ready to experience a massive boost to your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is a website feedback survey?

A website feedback survey is an online marketing tactic for gathering qualitative data from visitors or consumers. The obtained qualitative data helps the website to improve user experience.

2What is the importance of website surveys?

The major advantage of online surveys is that they boost output by reducing labour costs. When the further in-depth analysis is required, data may be quickly exported into specialised statistical tools or spreadsheets.

3How to improve your website survey?

Here is how you can improve your website survey: Define your purpose, Customise accordingly, Keep it short, Maintain consistency, and Build your survey.

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