UpGrad Trends to Tend [October 2018 – II]

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UpGrad Trends to Tend [October 2018 - II]
According to an Economic Times article, there are more than 50,000 openings for data science and artificial intelligence roles. These roles are vacant due to a shortage of talent; there are twice as many opening than the number of job seekers. This indicates the importance of professionals to upskill. Sighting a report by Analytics Vidhya, the article mentioned that banking and financial services are the biggest markets for analytics and data science professionals.
UpGrad Trends to Tend [October 2018 - II]
CB Insights recently published a research article collating open letters which Jeff Bezos writes to Amazon’s shareholders. Reading the article is a crash course in running a high-growth internet business from someone who mastered it before any of the playbooks were written. It’s a must-read for anyone working in with consumer tech companies to get an insight into how Jeff Bezos and Amazon think about customers, innovation, building products, and more.
UpGrad Trends to Tend [October 2018 - II]
According to LinkedIn Workforce Report – Professional Edition India, technical skills top the list for skills in Data Scientist, Full-Stack Engineer and Software Developer jobs. Database querying skills are also seeping into roles such as Project Management and Solutions Consultant. The report also says – Software Engineers are most sought-after by companies, followed by Application Developers. On the soft skills side, skills in demand are Management, Leadership and Team Management.

UpGrad’s PG Program in Machine Learning and AI in association with IIIT-B made it to the top of Analytics India Magazine’s Top 10 AI Courses in India 2018. AIM’s top 10 list helps freshers, analytics professionals and data scientists choose the best programme to upskill themselves with skills in AI, ML and deep learning. UpGrad’s program achieved an overall rating of 4.9/5 which is highest among 15 courses and programs. The rating was based on parameters like course content, pedagogy, and other attributes like faculty, external collaborations, placement assistance, virtual labs, events, LMS, etc. Students’ feedback and advice from the experts was also taken into consideration to arrive at the final ranking.
UpGrad Trends to Tend [October 2018 - II]
Livemint published an article interviewing several millennials who choose to upskill with their regular jobs. It mentions that the forward-thinking companies have already restructured their process in such a way that employees have the choice, and freedom to decide what expertise they want to develop. The article also describes the ways of becoming a subject-matter expert.
Gautam Soni, who works as a business analyst at LinkedIn in Bengaluru, invested all his savings into upskilling. He says, “In jobs today, we face new challenges on a daily basis and it’s very important to stay updated and possess the right skill-set”. While completing a course from UpGrad, he joined LinkedIn India in operations. He applied his learning on the operations role and in a few months, moved to business analysis, getting a 75% salary hike.
That small step:
We used to have one job and one life but now we are moving towards seven-eight jobs in one career as the skills we acquire become redundant faster and individuals have to invest in learning new skills.
– Mayank Kumar, co-founder and CEO, UpGrad

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