The Importance of Continuous Learning and Upskilling

UpGrad Alumni Anandkumar Goud is Sr Process Lead, Data management at Amazon Development Centre, India. He shares his ideas about the need for continuous learning and what triggered him to study Big Data Engineering in the time of tech and data boom.
The human mind is just like an empty slate which starts acquiring skills right from childhood. Learning starts when we take our first breath and continues up to the last breath. Many of us think that going to an institution for an academic program is the only form of learning. It’s our biggest misconception that the moment we are out of the institution, we are done with education. The truth is, learning never stops, especially, when someone is keen on learning something new and possessing the attitude of a learner.

Due to the advancement in internet technology and fast growth of industries, access to information has become very easy. Today internet is used as one of the biggest platforms for learning new skills. In today’s competitive world, there are thousands of skilled individuals who are ready to replace us unless we don’t upgrade ourselves. Learning is an attitude which we need to cultivate right from childhood. It makes us knowledgeable, skilled and helpful (to others) and moreover, conscious about the happenings around us.

Great leaders believe that learning is not a destination, but a never ending journey. With this thought I took the Big Data Engineering program at UpGrad because I wanted to elevate my skills and contribute more in my existing role.

Since the usage of internet has grown exponentially, the amount of data generated is also vast. There lies a great opportunity for many of us who think that we can derive some great findings based on data available. Since the applications of Big data technology are spreading widely across all fields, 2018 is the right year to learn the skills and work for a better tomorrow.
Unless we don’t keep our mind engaged in learning new things, the chances of it getting corrupted are likely higher. The brain is like any other muscle. We need to constantly exercise it to keep it sharp and stay ahead!
Disclaimer: This article first appeared on Anandkumar Goud’s LinkedIn account

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