Startup With UpGrad: Students Speak

At upGrad we have been fortunate to have excellent students from a diverse range of backgrounds join our Entrepreneurship course; lawyers, managers, StartUp founders, and Small and Medium Business owners.

What each of these entrepreneurial minds has in common is how much of an influence Startup with upGrad has had on not only improving their skills but actually changing the way they think about business. Those who came from traditional business backgrounds found they had to unlearn much of what they knew, before taking their first steps.

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Approaching the last modules of the program, their thought processes and approaches have changed – “The course has taught me to look at problems in the most pragmatic way – I’m always trying to think like an Entrepreneur”, says Amit from Hyderabad. “I have more clarity on my venture than ever before.”

We at upGrad are thrilled at the response from our students towards the flexible structure of the program and the value our participants found in being in a group with like-minded individuals. We are excited to see the longterm partnerships and networks that our alumni will grow into.

How do our students describe upGrad?

“A bible for any start-up.”
“A blessing”
“the best thing to happen to my business”
“Life changing”
What the founder of ThinQbate learned from StartUp with UpGrad?

And how do we at upGrad describe our students?

Well without hardworking, motivated, engaged students, our collective learning experience wouldn’t be half as excellent as it has been. For our batch of 2015, we are extremely excited to see their future avenues and their growth to the next generation of leading entrepreneurs in the country.

And to our new students – Are you ready to take the first steps in upGrading your lives?

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