Pro Tip: Don’t Start Forming Perceptions of your First Job!

My journey into the professional world began with UpGrad. Like every other fresher, I entered with a set of presumptions about my first job and the culture of corporates. Luckily, all these myths slowly started breaking down as I entered the UpGrad office. The chic interior of the waiting area instantly gives you the cool startup vibe.
My first-day jitters slowly started fading as I was introduced to the team and the office. There is a welcome board for all the new employees which displays your picture and talks about your likes and dislikes so that by the time you join the office, people there already know you. UpGrad welcomes you warmly into the family with a personalized note from the founders and a huge bar of chocolate (Insider Tip: Hide it as soon as you get it!).
One of the best things about working for a fast-growing start-up is the amount of learning you experience. My role is that of a student mentor for the Data Science course. My job is all about helping our learners to enhance their skill set and take a step forward in their professional life. I have to make sure that their learning experience is nothing short of awesome.
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Analysing the learner’s progress, guiding them through the program and helping them transition into data science roles are few key aspects of a student mentor profile. Well, the job becomes a bit tricky when at the age of 23 you have to mentor people of over 40. But, such challenges keep your mind working as you have to continuously think of new ways to get these well-settled professionals back into study mode.
Pro-Tip-Don’t-Start-Forming-Perceptions-of-your-First-Job UpGrad Blog
In my 9 months at UpGrad, I have donned several caps. Event organizer, creative designer/writer, data analyst and above all a student mentor. UpGrad provides an environment which eases the process of multitasking. People at UpGrad strongly believe in sharing their knowledge and experience, so when you reach out to them for any kind of help, you always end up learning something extra.
Honestly, my first few weeks at UpGrad were full of shocks, happy shocks of course! To see that a non-hierarchical structure is followed in the company, someday the CEO will just come roaming around your desk, grab your pack of chips and then stroll away. And his excuse would be, “I can’t resist Lays Magic Masala and you shouldn’t be having so many chips”.
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Working here has helped me overcome my apprehensions as a fresher. UpGrad has groomed me into a person who now gladly welcomes any challenge that comes her way. I’m now ready to always take that extra step in making sure that the work done is nothing short of perfect. Despite the insane amount of work that we do here, I never feel tired. Even while working those extra hours or not getting a breather at times, work doesn’t feel like work at UpGrad. With the company rising at such an exponential pace, I am sure UpGrad will soon become a synonymous term with online education. I, being a fresher, couldn’t have asked for a better kick-start to my career.

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