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The scope for legal professionals is vast, irrespective of the country that they aspire to practice in. Simply completing a law degree is not enough to fulfil your objective if you want to aim for the sky. You must acquire the right training in a specific field of your choice as well. Why not opt for an  LL.M program that happens to be offered by many top-class universities in the world? It is an acronym for “Master of Laws”. You are not going to be the only one. In fact, there are thousands of students sharing such a dream. 

Why is the LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law the need of the hour?

You are welcome to check the advantages offered to you by “The Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies at Jindal Global Law School” too.  The post graduation program will provide you with a unique advantage in a particular area thus enabling you to stand tall. 

There has never been a better time than now today to focus on the economic wellbeing of your country. You certainly need to be abreast of the financial environment while being adept of the pros and cons of surviving in the corporate arena. You are in luck here for JGLS has come forth with an outstanding LL.M program that concentrates specifically on Corporate & Financial Law. 

With all eyes on India at the moment, you need to develop a keen understanding of the market conditions as well as public & private sector involvement. This will help you to develop unique skills and provide you with a platform of prominence. You will never be in dearth of opportunities in the future, especially when you come equipped with a legal degree with additional support from JLS’s tailor-made program for the youth of today. 

Course Curriculum

There is absolutely nothing to worry about its curriculum either. The first few lessons will help you to learn more about specific Company Laws as well as the responsibilities of a Director, Prompter, and top management.  Yes! You get to learn quite a bit about white-collar crimes too that will keep you on your toes, giving you the right push to uncover the truth. 

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First Semester

Learn about the Competition Act of 2002 and apply the regulations in today’s scenario. You will find how to beat competition legally and squarely without falling into any Anti Trust law traps. Sure, you know the law, but do you know how to conduct foolproof research? It does seem to be a tall order, especially when you are constrained for time. You will be able to find your feet here, thanks to JGLS. From legal research and writing to stating precedents pertaining to legal cases and creating proper memos and advisories for your clients, you will not lack the skills for perfect documentation and record-keeping again. 

Feel free to end the semester with a bang by studying the nuances of comparative public law. Compare and contrast the regulations of public law and corporate law and arrive at your own conclusion. Analyze each ideology and find your own path, albeit under the guidance of a professional academic at JGLS.

Corruption is rampant in the financial sector, and you cannot remain untouched when you go out in the real world. Master the regulations and norms required to beat the offenders and understand how you can uncover scams and hold the right company or individual liable as and when required. 

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Second Semester

Of course, the availability of finances has remained the root concern of countries and corporations since the dawn of civilization. The following month will have you learning about the insolvency laws prevalent in India as well as instances where the court was compelled to give an adjunctive. You will also get to know about RBI regulations and understand how to negotiate an out of court settlement. 

Key Takeaways

Why should you spend a year of your time along with hard-earned money to enrol in the course? Well, it has been endorsed by the top industry leaders with JGLS being reckoned as one of the stalwarts focussing on the future of legal professionals in the present scenario. Some of the notable points of the program that have resulted in unprecedented success include:-

  • Realistic analyses of legal statutes and cases that will help you obtain business opportunities and make the right legal decisions.
  • Perfect understanding of the corporate environment vis-à-vis legal matters.
  • Ability to draft commercial contracts after analysis and interpretation of facts.
  • Discovering the facts required for mergers & acquisitions.
  • Checking International regulations and investment opportunities in comparison to Indian investment rules and formulate strategies.
  • Drawing up of legal documents for a corporate transaction.
  • Practising law successfully along with and in front of top specialized regulatory bodies.


Your course is not complete unless you submit a dissertation. You will be able to discuss your points with the appointed supervisor and thrash out the key points of the topic decided by the “JGLS Dissertation Committee.” Do have the drafts ready for review regularly, for you need to submit the final dissertation in time. It would not linger for long though. The dissertation needs to be completed while you are still attending the course. 

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Industry-Based Examples

1. ALMT Legal– It is a top legal firm with offices across India. It has earned a stellar reputation for providing legal assistance of international standards.  It remains focussed to providing timely support to its clients no matter how grave the challenges happen to be. This firm enjoys serving clients from developed nations who obtain the necessary legal services by contacting the firm’s London Office. 

2. Argus Partners– You would be able to use your skills for corporate law and handling of M&A.  Well known for its innovative approaches in relationship building and thought leadership, this firm is regarded to be the best starting point for young professionals who aspire to build a career in business law.

3. Bajaj Allianz– One of the top insurance companies in India, you will be able to negotiate settlements and discover scams by joining them. There is no bypassing this company when you think of insurance. It has made continuous progress in the field with every qualified individual being eager to join them straight from  JGLS 

4. Economic Law Practice– This is a full-service legal firm with hundreds of domestic and international clients. You will be able to establish yourself by joining them. You will be able to establish yourself by joining them right after completing the course. Working in this firm will give you the rare opportunity of sharing work space with numerous professionals in distinct fields. You will be able to get the big picture without having to garner experience by joining different firms

5. Google– A Company of the size of Google has to face a number of legal challenges by the day. You will be able to practice your skills effectively by checking the legal documentation, drawing up contracts, as well as contributing to other areas related to financial or corporate law. Make the most of your education by jumping into this bandwagon and catapult India to greater heights. 

This is not all though. You will certainly not be lacking job offers when you complete the course successfully. A number of JGLS students have found placement with Deloitte, HCL, IndusLaw, and Herbert Smith Freehills too. 

Live Sessions & Classroom Experiences

JGLS provides its students with the opportunity of a blended learning experience. Moreover, you will get the wonderful opportunity of being tutored by the best in the industry. The learning experience will prepare you for the real world, and you will be able to compete with the top professionals who have already proved their mettle.

Live sessions with industry experts where you learn by analyzing case studies and interpreting the latest amendments will help you to face top adversaries both in and out of courtrooms. You also get to learn from your own mistakes as you will be provided with detailed feedback about your performance at the end of each session. 

JGLS vis-à-vis other universities

The course structure has been powered by upGrad, but it is not sacrosanct. You are free to compare its facilities and course content with other similar programs offered by top universities across India. Check the curriculum of National Law University, New Delhi, Symbiosis Law School, Pune and ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad in order to understand what you are going to get by enrolling in this program. You will return to JGLS and enrol for its perfectly designed, career-oriented LL.M course. And that’s a promise! 

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JGLS Student Testimonial

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Almost all the students who have successfully completed the program feel enriched by the riveting and fulfilling experience. Tongtong, a Chinese student who took the program in 2018-2019 feels that it has broadened her horizons. Likewise, Prateek Gupta, who was a successful student of batch 2016-17, is excited by the practical exposure along with theoretical acumen that prepared him for bigger things in life. 

The wonderfully crafted 1-year course program of  LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law has been established as a stepping stone for law students who aspire to make a difference.  

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