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How these 6 Global Startups are using Blockchain Technology!

Today, global startups are focusing on building products that leverage blockchain security. Read more about Blockchain trends and predictions. The founders of these startups are very confident about the technology and spinning the benefits in innovative ways. In this article, you’ll learn about six futuristic blockchain technology startups from around the world. As a blockchain […]

5 Advantages of Getting an Online MBA from Australian University

Introduction Technological innovations have shrunk our earth’s ”access” radius. MBA programs have recorded continuous growth from the past few years. The online MBA programs that are offered today are credible alternatives to the traditional class-based courses. Students and professionals alike, are bending towards the online approach to attain certification. Following the trends witnessed in students […]

6 Advantages of Getting an Online MBA from UK University

Introduction The business management degree provides the key to the coveted job position or career aim. Whichever would remain your primary area, an international business management degree will open wider doors to success. The growing bent of online courses paved the way for the introduction of MBA programs in several distinguished universities globally. With certified […]

Data Science in Automotive Industry: 4 Ways Data Science Reshaping the Industry

Witnessing Change The marketplace ecosystem of the Automotive Industry is witnessing a rapid change. Their customer’s insight is growing, and so is their demand for digitally better products. Differences in product preferences, earlier and now stand at opposite ends of a scale. The industry now has to walk all the way through the line to […]

How a College Brand Reflects in a Resume?

Your resume is one of the first things that introduces you to the hiring manager of a potential job. It is based on this document that a recruiter decides to shortlist your application. But, a resume is much more than a document in today’s competitive job market. Think of it as a marketing tool for […]

How Will I Get Job After Graduation in India? 11 Steps to Follow

Getting a job right after graduation is no easy task unless you get on-campus recruitment. It could go crazy if the process of job hunting is not organized, especially if you are looking for highest paying jobs for freshers. Below are a few action items you need to keep in mind to find a job […]

Top 10 Exciting Data Science Applications in Banking

What is Data science? Data science is the detailed study of information obtained by analyzing vast amounts of data arriving from the organization’s data warehouses. Modern data science deals with inferring data and developing related algorithms by using appropriate technology. The demand for data scientists makes data science courses more popular.  Applications of data science […]

Benefits and Advantages of Big Data & Analytics in Business

By now, everyone has heard of Big Data and the wave it has created in the industry. After all, it’s always in the news – companies across various sectors of the industry are leveraging Big Data to promote data-driven decision making. Today, Big Data’s popularity has extended beyond the tech industry to include healthcare, education, […]

How Data Science in Transforming the Film Industry?

Data science, armed with pioneering technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is creating waves of transformation across all domains of the industry. From the IT sector to healthcare and governance, Big Data and Data Analytics are reshaping the usual business processes to make way for innovative and “intuitive” ones. We say intuitive because of […]

Top 3 Big Data Use Cases in Retail Industry

Something a lot of people don’t know, and the ones who do know still have difficulty believing, is the fact Data has become the most valuable resource on earth, overtaking oil. The dawn of the digital age has given rise to Big Data. Every day, billions of people on the internet create 2500 trillion bytes […]

Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship – 5 Winning Ways to Answer

Ever wondered why employers stress on internships?  The simple reason behind this is that internships are a mark of credibility and eligibility. They show that you were ready to get your feet wet and obtain hands-on industry experience – this is precisely what can distinguish you from other candidates applying for a job. For potential […]

Data Science Interview Questions & Answers – 15 Most Frequently Asked

Job interviews are always tricky. To successfully crack an interview, you must possess not only in-depth subject knowledge but also confidence and a strong presence of mind. This is especially true if you are preparing for a Data Science – it puts all your faculties to test! During a Data Science interview, you’ll have to […]

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist – Spot the Difference

With Data Science jobs on the rise, there’s a question that often lurks in the minds of aspirants – What’s the difference between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst? Are these 2 the same? Such questions have been a source of great confusion among youngsters who wish to make a successful career in Data […]

Future Scope of Data Science – 4 Reasons for Learning Data Science

Data rules the world we live in, and in fact, has been dubbed the “oil” of the 21st century. In the past few years, the world has witnessed a steep and continuing upsurge in data. Thanks to the growth of social media, smartphones, and the Internet of Things, the amount of data at our disposal […]

Use Automation for Improving Work Efficiency – 4 Simple Methods

When it comes to the ever competitive corporate world, time is money and efficiency, a goldmine! With this in mind, it only makes sense to leverage new-age technologies such as automation to do away with workplace inefficiencies and boost your revenues. And IT leaders agree. Research suggests that as many as 98% of them believe […]

Brand Building Techniques to Grow Your Business

Your brand is the way you talk about your business to the world. Here are top 5 brand building techniques with which you’ll be the difference between a good branding and bad branding.

How a New Generation of Women is Redefining India Inc.

This is an excerpt from ‘Daughters of Legacy – How a New Generation of Women Is Redefining India Inc.’ by Rinku Paul and Puja Singhal. It summarises 6 things you can learn from life anecdotes of 12 women entrepreneurs who took charge of age-old legacies.

Top 5 Companies That Hire Product Managers

Companies across various parallels of the industry are now increasingly investing in top-notch product managers to add value to their organisations. Here are the top five companies that have a highly creative product management team to thank for their success.

7 Jobs That Didn’t Exist But Are Hot Right Now

It’s an age of AI-powered robots, driverless cars, smart personal assistants and so much more. Let’s see how all of this resulted in the massive change in jobs with a lot more opportunities that were unheard of a decade ago!

UpGrad Xchange – Where Sharp Minds Meet

As India’s leading online education platform, we at UpGrad, have always wanted to do things differently – be it partnering with top-notch faculty from around the globe, or providing placement assistance to our students, or even dreaming of having an offline space in the first place, where great minds could simply connect over casual conversations to […]

Branding: When’s the Right Time to Start

Branding is actually a way of identifying a business. It is how the customers recognise and experience a business. Let’s learn when is the right time to start branding.

How to Get Your Start-Up Idea Validated

It’s always better to validate your idea before introducing your product or service to your potential customers. This will save you valuable time, effort and money, which is always in scarcity for any aspiring entrepreneur.

How to be a Successful Mobile App Entrepreneur?

The trend of becoming a mobile app entrepreneur has seen a sharp spike in the last year. So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and mobile is your thing, this is what you should know to make it big in the industry.

Working Professional’s Need of Staying Relevant

Online education across segments and students population is emerging as a popular option for individuals. Across age groups, online education is getting adopted. A segment where we at UpGrad feel that online adoption will be rapid, is the working professional segment. And there are multiple reasons for the same – from their ability to pay, their willingness to move up in their career etc. In this piece I want to touch upon a key trend that we are targeting..