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The banking and finance sector in India is booming, to say the least. As per a report published by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), the expected human resource requirement in the banking, financial services, and insurance(BFSI) industry will exceed 4.2 million between 2008 and 2022. This means an ocean of job opportunities waiting for you. So, are you ready for it?

Banking and insurance jobs are the hottest jobs in the employment industry. And what’s hot sells the most, right? The BFSI segment has also seen pre and post COVID changes yet the employment opportunities in the sector continue to rise.. So, if you are a fresher, looking for opportunities post COVID, what do you need to do? Look for more jobs? Apply in multiple cities? Or, simply, jazz up your resume? 

No, don’t scratch your head. The solution is simple enough – ramp up your resume with online courses in the BFSI segment. And you don’t even have to search far and wide. UpGrad offers you some of the best online learning courses. Freshers and first time job seekers, make note, Upgrad courses come with a 100% job guarantee. 

Yes, you read it right – 100% job guarantee! 

Complete your course and get placed in some of the top companies in the BFSI segment. The deal can’t get sweeter than this, can it now? Let’s have a look at how BFSI partners with an education partner (UpGrad) to provide jobs to aspiring candidates –

Online Job Guarantee Programs in BFSI

So, let’s have a look at the online courses offered by UpGrad which actually come with a 100% job guarantee – 

1. PG Program in Life Insurance with TATA AIA Life

This program is curated for graduates looking for a career in insurance. Launched in association with TATA AIA Life Insurance, here are some highlights of the program –

  • Guaranteed job at TATA AIA after the completion of the course
  • Starting salary of Rs.2.8 lakhs p.a. with additional incentives
  • A stipend of up to Rs.1.4 lakhs p.a.during the course duration 
  • Interaction with industry experts for insights into the industry
  • A 10-month intensive course with case studies, on-the-job training, and full time paid internship

2. PG Program in Life Insurance with HDFC Life

Another tie-up with HDFC Life Insurance, this program is also open for fresh graduates and working professionals. If you want to learn about life insurance and also secure a job, this program would give you just that. The program highlights include the following –

  • 11 months program with 2 months of paid on-the-job training
  • 7 months of a paid internship with a stipend of up to Rs.1.10,700
  • Guaranteed job in HDFC Life with a salary of Rs.2.5 lakhs p.a. plus incentives after course completion
  • A complete understanding of the insurance industry as well as sales techniques

Other Programs

If insurance is not what interests you, chill!

Besides these programs, which guarantee jobs post successful completion, there are other online programs too. That too in different fields. You can choose a program as per your liking. UpGrad opens up job opportunities for you through all its programs. 

So, have a look at the different programs which are up for grabs –

1. MBA Programs

If you want to pursue a master’s program, and that too in international universities, you can enroll under UpGrad’s MBA programs. There are seven courses to choose from. And of course, you can choose national or international universities. Some of the noted names include the Deakin Business School, Liverpool Business School, NMIMS,  & Birla Institute of Management. 

2. Marketing Courses

If sales field is your forte and you want to be the new Rocket Singh, you can enroll in marketing courses. These courses are also offered by leading institutes like MICA. 

3. Management Programs

For honing your management skills you can enroll in management programs. You can find both undergrad and postgrad courses in the different aspects of management, business and finance included. Many courses also promise a refund of a part of the course fee if you do not get a job after course completion. Talk about confidence, huh!!

4. Sales related courses

Did you know selling is art? Why else do you think companies look for the best salesmen? If you have the flair for selling and want to polish your skills, UpGrad’s sales-related courses would help. These courses are designed to help you learn the art of selling and communication so that you can be the next big thing in sales.

With so many courses available, which one would you pick? After all, multiple degrees mean multiple job opportunities!

Why upGrad?

Besides the obvious advantage of a job guarantee, UpGrad offers something more. You get –

  • Career counseling
  • Webinars
  • On the job support
  • Mentoring
  • Networking facilities with industry leaders
  • A comprehensive curriculum
  • Self-paid programs that allow you to recover the course fee within the course duration itself

Can you ask for more?


Companies have opened their hiring channels post the COVID scare. And if you want to make your resume stand out, a simple graduate degree might not make the cut. You need that added seasoning for the perfect taste. And online courses do just that – they season your resume.

Don’t you prefer doctors with more qualifications added to their names? Companies too prefer candidates with multiple certifications added to their resumes. So you need to go that extra mile to build up your portfolio. And what better way than UpGrad’s online learning courses that not only teach you the skills for careers in BANCA but also give you job opportunities.

Who said win-some-lose-some when you can win all?

Enroll in these courses and increase the probability of landing a meaty job. Till then, happy job hunting!

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