Mobile Marketing – Make the Most of Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile marketing is a prominent type of marketing that is becoming increasingly popular for businesses around the world. It is easy to see why it is so popular and why so many organizations are now including it in their campaigns.
Simply consider how many of your friends and family members own a smartphone or tablet. Of those people, how many use their mobile devices on a daily basis?

Mobile technology has never been as popular – we have fantastic pocket computers such as iPhone X and Samsung S9 that provide us with a wealth of information at our fingertips. Due to this huge usage of mobile devices, it stands to reason that businesses should market themselves through this medium.

There are more different types of mobile marketing than you may realize. There are entire platforms for developing mobile apps and solutions that can facilitate better user experience and more powerful marketing engagement, but some solutions are incredibly simple and easy to implement.

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One way of doing marketing via smartphones, for example, is through QR codes. These are images that you can scan with your mobile phone. Once scanned, you are then provided with a certain level of access, info or a link. This is a relatively cheap and easy way to market products and services.

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Alternatively, SMS messaging is another, more traditional form of mobile marketing. A customer can opt into an SMS service and will then receive automated texts containing promotions, product info, and other marketing content. Again, this is a quick and inexpensive marketing method for a business to use and is applicable to any kind of cell phone, even the most basic models.

Other types of mobile marketing include Bluetooth messaging, in-game/in-app mobile advertisements, automated calls, and even voicemail marketing. In most cases, mobile marketing is created using push mechanisms, i.e. the business instigates the marketing process.
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This means that mobile marketing, for the most part, can be automated which reduces costs and speeds up the process too. Furthermore, the smaller amount of content required (due to the smaller screen sizes) means that mobile marketing is extremely efficient.

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What are the features of mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is still in an evolving stage. That said, the channel offers a multi-format advertising platform that will help you target consumers who are mobile addicted.

General features of mobile marketing that can be used to reach out to your target segment include mobile search, mobile optimised websites, SMS, mobile coupons, native mobile apps, location based offers, QR codes, mobile wallets, NFC or Near Field Communication and push notifications.

Most brands do not have dedicated teams handling their mobile marketing strategies just yet. However, with careful planning, your existing marketing team will be able to balance digital and mobile marketing geared to deliver conversions for your business.

Why do you need a mobile marketing strategy?

The world is moving towards mobile and hence you need to be present where your audience already is. Your audience is glued to their smartphones, no matter where in the world they are located. Not having a mobile marketing strategy is akin to having a computer minus a wi-fi connection.

Users are spending more than 40% of their time on mobile devices. Of this 80% is spent on apps, gaming apps in particular. Therefore, not having a mobile marketing strategy is no longer an option for businesses today.

Are there any drawbacks when it comes to mobile marketing?

Since the domain of mobile marketing is still at its nascent stages. There is scope for improvement. However, experts have noticed common drawbacks such as a lack of standardisation in mobile device technologies. There are questions with regards to privacy and permissions along with many raising eyebrows on several aspects of mobile navigation.

Moreover, the space needs constant re-education for marketers with the introduction of new mobile devices.

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