MBA – The Degree That Prepares You for Business Roles in Corporate India

 MBA( Master of Business Administration) has become an in-demand masters degree sought after by corporates across India & globally for sales, marketing, business development, Analytics, HR, Operations, and various other job roles.

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has hit the economy really hard. Great Jobs are hard to come by But fear not because corporates are now looking for premium talent with an MBA degree. It is slowly becoming a prerequisite for most business-oriented roles.

MBA : Top Benefits

1. Case Study Methodology

 Management Case studies are smaller versions of real-life business problems or situations faced by companies & brands. The case study approach which usually case studies from Harvard, Wharton, etc adopted by MBA in marketing programs help to facilitate better learning by analyzing & debating  how top companies and brands have applied management theories & concepts to solve various kinds of management & business problems in their respective companies

2. Peer to Peer Learning

Marketing is all about consumer perception and gaining insights into the minds of the customer & what they perceive about a product. The peer to peer learning during MBA in marketing during group projects or class Q&A sessions really helps in molding the thought process through various perspectives & debates with peers who come from diverse educational backgrounds.

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3. Credibility

An MBA in marketing offers business recruiters some credibility of your skill sets and abilities as most MBA in marketing programs are rigorous and train you for Corporate Business Roles.

MBA has fast become a prerequisite for almost all business positions and having an MBA on your resume can really boost your credibility in the eyes of the recruiter. Plus the industry interface between MBA programs and recruiters are really strong which increases your chances of landing an interview

4. Project based Practical Coursework

Unlike other programs, projects form a significant chunk of the MBA program. You will learn practical application of all the concepts through very interesting group and individual projects that enhance the overall learning experience. You can also write and publish research papers & case studies using research materials gained from these projects that will help boost your resume.

5. Business Thinking

MBA is one program that can change your life if you have never thought about things from a business perspective. It helps one to view various departments i.e technology, sales, operations, marketing, etc from a management lens.

It also helps you to understand business problems better and solve them thereby enhancing your long term critical business thinking skills. This also helps a lot if you decide to start your own entrepreneurial venture someday.

6. Alumni Network

MBA programs usually have a well-kept alumni association and network built over the years which really helps new graduates to build their networks and get great jobs, advice from experienced professionals, and entrepreneurial support. Many of the famous MBA programs are well known for their world-class alumni network that really helps support young MBA post graduates. 

7. Updated Coursework & Sessions by Industry Professionals

MBA programs are taught by highly qualified professors and the coursework is updated every year in consultation with industry leaders to enhance the student experience through engaging sessions which helps to gain valuable learnings & mould the thought process.

There are also a high number sessions taken by visiting industry professionals that cover the practical applications of management and theoretical concepts. This industry interface is the highest in MBA programs which keep the course work in line with the current industry trends.

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Corporate Skills learned during MBA in Marketing

MBA in marketing programs also teach you a lot of valuable & critical skills that prepare you for the ruthlessness of the business & corporate world.

1. Business Communication

Business Communication is a very important skill for everyone and it much more important for anyone in a business oriented role . In business roles, your communication is expected to be well articulated, to the point & should be understood by your audiences.

As a business or team leader you are expected to communicate with your team and motivate them. MBA programs help you hone this skill & most programs even have a course on business communication that you can take up.

2. Time Management

Time Management is another critical skill in business roles, more often or not you will always face a time crunch. MBA programs are designed to be rigorous with all the coursework, projects assignment, case studies that helps you develop this important skill

3. Decision Making

It’s a no-brainer that if you work in a management or business role you will have to make decisions all the time, tough decisions that may or may not have potential consequences. MBA programs help you learn this skill through various case studies, company simulations & other activities that form an important part of the MBA experience.

4. Problem Solving

Another skill which is a must for management or business roles is problem solving because there will all be various types of problems to solve, technical or not so technical. It is important to identify the problem and then apply various techniques or principles to solve it.

Harvard Case studies during MBA programs simulate a lot of business problems faced by companies and how they eventually overcame them using various concepts & ideas. This trains students to face the real world.

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5. Teamwork

It is said that a company is as strong as the teams within and rightly so because without teamwork no company would be great. While individual skills are great, you will fail in a business role without good teamwork skills. MBA programs teach you teamwork almost everyday with most of the activities helping you learn that a good team is better than great individuals.

MBA Programs in India

Due to lockdowns across India, multiple universities and b-schools are now offering their MBA programs online. You can consider some of these world-class MBA programs offered by top Business schools. upGrad can help you apply for an MBA from Liverpool Business School with a specialization in marketing or other domains. This course offers you a dual alumni status, an MBA graduate from Liverpool Business School.

upGrad also offers individual mentoring sessions with industry leaders from various domains. You will also get 360-degree career support and placement assistance throughout the MBA program. upGrad expert mentors will help you build, review your resume and help you apply for various business roles. 

How to make the most of an online MBA program?

Keeping the pandemic in mind, online MBA courses have gained immense popularity. No matter what the format of the course is, you obviously want to make the most of it. To do so, you should start by speaking to key contacts before the program. Speak to students who’ve graduated from the same program, and ask them about their experience. This will definitely make the journey less daunting. Secondly, it is important you’re flexible when it comes to learning. Since the course is likely to be shorter, you should focus more on key concepts and apply the principles in real life. Lastly, connect as much as you can with mentors and professors after the program to gain valuable insights.

What are the benefits of pursuing an MBA while working?

These days, a lot of students are pursuing executive MBAs which give them a chance to work and study at the same time. Some of the benefits include: a chance to earn a paycheck while studying, real-world application of the current study material and enhanced flexibility. In certain cases, the company also pays for the course since you’re pursuing it alongside your existing job.

Which are the most popular jobs that require an MBA degree?

Today, most MNCs prefer hiring MBA graduates. This has led to millions of students applying to top MBA institutes every year. However, there are some job roles that have made it mandatory for students to have an MBA degree. Those include chief technology officer, marketing manager, financial manager, investment banker, business analytics specialist, HR manager, logistics and supply chain manager, strategic manager and international business consultant.

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