Letters From Learners: Tejveer Singh

Dear Mayank

Hope you are safe and healthy!

Amidst today’s pandemic and grim environment, I write to you today to share a special note for a special person (in upGrad) who has been very supportive and effective in my journey. I’m Tejveer, currently enrolled in your PG Diploma Program in Data Analytics. I wanted to share with you the fact that it’s quite an intensive program. That, and more. 

As a student of this program, when I got first introduced to Bhavika (my Student Mentor), my first thought was that she would be resolving our technical issues. But as I moved on, I got to know that Bhavika would be offering support with the coordination aspect of our program. Soon, I understood how important this coordination was and realised why upGrad calls their coordinators, “Student Mentors”. 

letters from learners

Consider a normal day, there are hundreds of WhatsApp messages in the student group with everyone clamouring for answers and solutions, especially timely ones. Phew! This can even make the best of us very nervous but not our Student Mentor. She was always up for the task.

A mentor is supposed to guide you, provide resolutions, and if necessary, even motivate and push you to run through a wall. Bhavika has been doing exactly the same in my case on multiple occasions. Initially, when I started the program, I was rusty since I had been away from active learning for quite some time. Picking up on this and my slow progress, she quickly started sending me regular emails and at times, placing review calls. Finally, after a month, I made that huge transition. Yes, most of the students need that extra push to get immersed in the ocean of learning.

Later on too there were multiple occasions where Bhavika, “the solution provider” came to our rescue. When my project mate and I were stuck in a predicament during our project submission, she ensured a way out of that problem, leaving us unscathed and better prepared.

Being a Co-founder of a tech company, my limited time compels me to compromise on educational learning every single day. But whenever this erratic student has lost his track, he always found his mentor there to put him back on course. I’m known in the industry for not mincing words and it’s a complete honour to write this letter of recommendation and endorsement for Bhavika, who breathes and completely owns the space of “Being a Mentor”.

Kudos to Team upGrad for putting together such a splendid team and more power to all of you because online learning is about to explode in India.

Thanks for your time!

What is data analytics, and what career is available in it?

Data analytics, as the term says, means applying science and computer algorithms for analysing data. It is a process in which the raw data available is arranged and analysed to draw meaningful conclusions. In the quondam time, it was done manually, but with the furtherance of technology, the process is now automated and assists a human’s slog. That being said, a data analyst is number two in growing jobs in the USA, as per a report by World Economic Forum (WEF). There are several types of data analysts depending on the data being examined, like medical and health care analysts, market research analysts, business analysts, operations research analysts, intelligence analysts, etc.

Who is a student mentor?

A mentor is identified as an individual with whom a person shares thoughts and seeks assistance on matters related to one’s growth and development. The catch-up may not be long-term, but the support from a mentor is always felt. A student mentor, to some degree, is akin to a mentor. A student mentor is someone who succours a student in realising academic ambition. This realisation of the goal is not undemanding. It involves providing regular academic, personal, and emotional support in times of need. Having a follow-up call, connecting with an industry expert, and assistance in resources and assignments are also a part of the student mentorship program at upGrad.

What is the “Earn While You Learn” concept?

Not all families are financially sturdy, and not all students tend to be radically reliant on parents. For them, learning is as important as supporting their families. If not to support the families, then at least to support oneself is the aim for earning. This aim is not put back before their passion for learning and acquiring knowledge and skills. Therefore such students gravitate to multitask and do both earn and learn. The government, as well as the many private organisations, support their pursuit for passion and money, and provide job opportunities for students who want to work part-time.

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