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From IT to Big Data – BITS Pilani Launches PG Program in Association with UpGrad

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3rd Aug, 2017
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From IT to Big Data – BITS Pilani Launches PG Program in Association with UpGrad

Looking to upskill IT professionals for a $100 billion opportunity in Data and Digital, BITS Pilani has launched a new program in Big Data Engineering, in association with UpGrad.
As per recent industry estimates, radical technology changes and increasing automation is expected to lead to an elimination of almost 20-30% jobs in the Indian IT sector, amounting to over 1 million layoffs. Most of these jobs need to be repositioned to avoid a net loss of jobs in this sector. New age technologies in digital and data, which are re-defining several existing roles. It represents an estimated $100 billion revenue opportunity for the IT industry and can potentially create 1.5-2 million additional jobs in the sector, by 2025.

The most important task ahead, for the young professionals working in the IT and allied sectors, and who form a large part of India’s consumption story and its middle class, is to re-skill while working. The rapid changes occurring across industries and businesses are likely to affect them the most.

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For these professionals, online education presents a valuable option to stay relevant without quitting their jobs. Recognizing the needs of these professionals and the Industry, BITS Pilani has launched an online Post-Graduate Program in Big Data Engineering, in association with UpGrad. The program will train students in areas like Batch Processing, Real-Time Data Processing, and Big Data Analytics.

From IT to Big Data BITS Pilani UpGrad Blog
Recent industry estimates expect Big Data & Analytics to grow at a 26% CAGR to $16 billion by 2025 – creating a need for almost a million data engineers. Prof. Sundar (Director – Off-Campus Programmes & Industry Engagement, BITS Pilani) says,

Big Data is increasingly finding adoption in all critical business applications. For this domain to realize its full potential, there is a need for high-quality technical talent in large numbers.”

On the other hand, online education is widely gaining acceptance.

“In the last couple of years, online as a platform has matured. It has the potential to provide a transformative learning experience to professionals in India, at a large-scale. Through this program with BITS Pilani, we hope to empower many individuals to meet their full professional potential,”

added Ronnie Screwvala and Mayank Kumar, Co-founders of UpGrad.
Speaking on the partnership with UpGrad, Prof. Gurunarayanan (Dean – Work Integrated Learning Programmes, BITS Pilani) mentioned,

“BITS Pilani has a long history of providing quality technical education. The prospect of combining our subject matter expertise with UpGrad’s ability to deliver quality online learning experience to a large number of students is very exciting.”

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