Is it a Good Time to Startup in the Big Data domain

This article is written by Karthikeyan Mohan, a student on UpGrad and BITS Pilani Big Data Engineering program.
An entrepreneur faces a lot of challenge in the current scenario with changing policies and market risks associated with the business. To be a major player in the present market in any field of business it’s very important to stay focused and updated. Sharpening of a saw to cut the hardest of things is the key to success.
Here sharpening refers to the sharpening of knowledge and that can be done through understanding the trend from a huge volume of available data. The future world is driven by DATA and FACTS and it paves the way for an entrepreneur to enhance his scope in the business world in a professional manner.

Digging the data and interpreting them into useful business insights helps to understand the ways of doing business successfully in the present scenario.
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In any business context, understanding the requirement is crucial. The knowledge acquired by pursuing these technologies can be implemented across domain like retail, manufacturing, media and entertainment, etc., unlike SAP.
Even though there are a lot of sources available on the web, to learn under proper guidance is the key route to success!
While there are plenty of avenues available for courses on and its associated technologies, this particular course “BITS Pilani PG Program in Big Data Engineering” powered by UpGrad focuses on entire end to end “Apache Hadoop ECO System” and its architecture rather than focussing on one particular tool. This awareness and in-depth knowledge will be certainly helpful in the decision-making process, understanding the profiles needed based on requirement.
The prime focus of people while pursuing the course should be in acquiring the knowledge and the crux of identifying the current trends in the desired area more than obtaining the marks. Beyond a point, knowledge is what matters than the marks we scored.
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If an entrepreneur is clear on his/her goals and his vision, then understanding the concepts and visualising it with that particular sector will be crucial in achieving real-time milestone efficiently.
As there is a plenty of datasets available over the web, we can apply out strategies on those datasets and examine how good the proposed logic is effective even before actually applying in one’s own organisation.
Overall after completing the above-said course on BIG Data, individual will have altogether a different perception and point of view. On every single opportunity where plenty of consumers involved, they can come up with unique strategies and ideas which will be the need of the hour.
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From entrepreneur point of view, implying artificial intelligence, data mining and effective content management by utilising various technologies will be vital in attaining major profit.

Karthikeyan Mohan

Karthikeyan Mohan with over 5 years of experience in IT industry, worked as a core member in many data integration projects on the retail domain.
Out of passion, running a catering company in Chennai successfully since after quitting his job in 2011. Media & Entertainment,script writing,blogs, updates on current trends on data handling methodologies are other interest areas.
He's an entrepreneur and a student of UpGrad and BITS Pilani Big Data Engineering program.
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