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Interview with Karan Kurani, Co-founder & CTO, DoctorC

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13th Jul, 2018
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Interview with Karan Kurani, Co-founder & CTO, DoctorC

Karan Kurani is the co-founder and CTO of DoctorC, which is the leading marketplace in India connecting consumers with easy, affordable diagnostic & lab tests. He is an alumnus of Cornell University with an overall experience of 8+ years. He has worked with GREE as a Lead Software engineer and founded two startups Shoutt and DoctorC.
DoctorC is an online marketplace in India connecting consumers with easy, affordable diagnostic & lab tests. Their mission is to make health care simple, transparent and affordable.
We interacted with him at a workshop for Data Science enthusiasts conducted by UpGrad in Hyderabad, where he helped us understand how Data Science and Machine learning are improving healthcare and the varied applications it has.
Data Science Summarized In One Picture

What is the importance of data in today’s world? How do you see this changing in the next 10 years?

It’s increasingly important to always be data-driven in your decision making. So its mission critical for businesses at this point.
Also, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can automate a lot of these decisions and have great personalization for your customers. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models are only ever as good as the quality of data passed to them. So data is the new oil is not an understatement. There will be companies worth an aggregate of trillions of dollars in the next century that are only possible to exist because of the data and the data processing power in today’s world.

Tell us a social initiative you would pick up and solve with data if you had infinite time and resources.

Poverty by the use of Universal Basic Income. Need a lot of data and study to prove/disprove it – but if UBI works then humanity’s suffering will end as we know it.
Converting Business Problems to Data Science Problems

What is the biggest threat to the data industry as a profession?

Over-regulation. Look at GDPR and the fallout because of it.


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