Meera Sanyal talks about work-life balance, politics & women entrepreneurs

As we step out of the yearly echoes of women’s day, let us celebrate more than just their achievement, let us celebrate the luminaries that brought change in their field ‘in spite’ of being a woman. Meera Sanyal, a name synonymous in corporate corridors with skill, talent and determination became a public figure after her foray into Indian politics. Jobs and Careers with a Prospect for the Future

However, before wanting to bring about change in the public discourse she was already bringing about change in the Indian corporate world by helping startup one of the very first Global Processing Units for Investment Banking (Operations) in India. Here is what she had to say while speaking with UpGrad –

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“The turning points come when, as a woman, there are points in your life when you want to make a decision about should you be with your children, should you be with an ailing parent or should you carry on with your career. A turning point in my life was when I had my first child, when I had my daughter and I was very fortunate to be supported by my mother and my mother in law” she told us when we prodded her to narrate what were her turning points.
Meera Sanyal
When we goaded her into giving us some advice for the youngster she very graciously yet very earnestly exclaimed. “Youngsters can probably advise us better, but what I would say is that certainly keep an open mind.”

Of course, it is difficult to maintain a healthy balance between your work and life and who else to seek advice from than the woman who was at the helm of RBS India for 21 years. “In terms of work-life balance we have every possibility today… our generation has the means to practically do anything. So, let’s do it and have a good time” was her advice to all those waiting with bated breath.

While the lengthy exchange did cover almost everything on Mrs. Sanyal’s life, from work to her adventures in philanthropy and politics. She also offered some solutions about how to leverage online education to accentuate productivity.
“I think we should now enter the world with specific skills instead of getting an MBA. It’s now time for Indian entrepreneurs to enter this domain and offer very, very specific courses.”

“Let’s use technology to give people tools to be successful in their business and also link up with Industry” was Meera Sanyal’s message for UpGrad before signing off.

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