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Best Time Management Apps for 2024 [Which One Should You Use]

Last updated:
2nd Apr, 2023
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Best Time Management Apps for 2024 [Which One Should You Use]

Technology has profusely inspired us to connect, improve and perform efficiently. Hence, time management tools in collaboration with technology are a gateway for us to be more productive. 

Do you often get distracted while working on something? This is when the need for time management apps comes in. With over 35% of employees listing lousy time management skills as a threat to their daily productivity, the need for effective time management apps is more than ever now. 

Being productive itself is a challenging task, and time management apps have the potential to simplify that for us. Hundreds of time management apps would help you formulate your time according to your needs and be efficient in both your personal and professional life. All you need is the one that suits you best!

Let’s discuss the best time management apps for students and professionals this year to assist you in making informed decisions and enhancing productivity. 

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What is a time management tool?

Time management tools organise and schedule your itinerary for the day, which can help you to reach your deadlines efficiently. Time management tools are crucial in this competitive world if used as the key to success. The main objectives of time management tools include- 

  • To set realistic goals
  • Help in maximising productivity
  • Improving personal organisation 

Time management tools also increase team productivity in an organisation. If your team constantly misses deadlines, incorporating a time management tool to run your work seamlessly can bring fruitful results. Implementing time management tools will fuel your efficiency while helping you prioritise more crucial engagements at hand.

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Time management tools are often misunderstood as trackers that plan your day. However, a time management tool is much more than that. A time management tool helps you increase work efficiency and regulate your schedule properly. 

Keep reading to know about the best time management tools you can access for free on the internet to increase your work efficiency. 

Importance of Time Management Tools

As mentioned earlier, time management tools are not just mere trackers that plan your day. It plays a pivotal role in your personal and professional life to improve your time management skills. 

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Here we have listed some of the importance of these time management tools that help make your life easier. They are: 

  1. It writes down your goals and defines them with efficient time management. 
  2. Offers assistance in organising your week in advance. 
  3. Provides you with an overview of the pending and completed tasks. 
  4. Allows you to segment priority assignments. 
  5. It records and analyses your time spent on each chore to optimise. 
  6. Simplifies administration tasks while complying with timelines. 
  7. Assists in smooth coordination with your team. 
  8. Better management of meetings and engagements while reducing distraction. 
  9. It helps to reflect on your weaknesses and improves them. 
  10. Aligning duties is easier with these apps.

List of Time Management Tools

Considering the invaluable benefits time management can bring to your life, we have curated a list including some of the best time management apps for students and professionals to fuel their efficiency. However, deciding whether you want to invest in one app or multiple is completely your discretion. 

1. Toggl Plan 

If you want to manage your team efficiently, Toggl Plan will help you get things down with a fluid overview. Toggl Plan allows you to monitor your progress and make changes agilely. You can even add this application as your Chrome Extension like any other online tool. Companies like BuzzFeed, Microsoft and Spotify rely on this tool to get their work done easily. 

Professionals who use this app: Project Managers, Team Leaders. 

2. Toggl Track 

Toggl Track is a versatile and powerful app that tracks your real-time productivity. It helps you to track your time seamlessly and gives you data about how much time you spend on one particular assignment. Toggl Track can also immensely aid you in allocating your resources effectively. 

Professionals who use this app: Scrum Masters, Project Managers, and Analysts. 

3. Paymo 

If you need an app with robust tracking capabilities, then Paymo is the correct option. Its strong time tracking capabilities efficiently manage time irrespective of professional or personal use. You can also install an automatic tracker called Paymo Plus to gain added benefits. The app provides insights about your time efficiency with reports and proof of work. 

Professionals who use this app: Human Resources Executives. 

4. Trello 

Trello allows you to manage your time by creating detailed cards for tasks you want to complete and assign to someone on your team. Once each chore is finished, you can move further across your Trello board. This helps to track your progress efficiently and showcases how much time you spent finishing one duty. You can even divide each board with columns like ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’ to check your progress. 

Professionals who use this app: Visually inclined people and project managers. 

5. Evernote 

Among all the other apps, Evernote is a free app which helps you efficiently organise your archives and notes. It synchronises your images, notes, and voice memos with your cloud storage. If you are writing a report or blog post, you can use Evernote to store images of the websites for future use. With Evernote, you do not have to transcribe anymore. 

Professionals who use this app: Blog writers. 

6. Dropbox 

Speaking of free services, Dropbox is also a free service app where you can store your documents, images, important website links and other things. Instead of attaching a heavy file to an email, you can upload it on Dropbox and give your recipient access. Dropbox helps you manage your time easily and saves time for other work. 

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Professionals who use this app: Project Managers, Human Resources Executives, Salesforce etc. 

7. Rescue Time 

Social media has become an indispensable part of our lifestyle today. Hence, the time management skill to manage your social media time is extremely vital. Rescue Time is a time management app that sends you weekly reports on where you are spending your time. The access can be limited by setting up alerts which would pop up once you extend the self-imposed limit. 

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Professionals who use this app: This app is primarily used for personal usage to restrict social media access. 

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Which one should you choose? 

You cannot test hundreds of applications unless you find the right one. Since time management is extremely crucial, it is pivotal that you choose your time management app efficiently. You need to ask yourself certain questions before you invest in an app. Whether you need one or multiple applications to manage your private and professional life, ensure to analyse different app features before settling on one. Finally, the app’s UX and “look and feel” must also be considered when selecting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Can time management apps be used for the whole family?

Ans: Yes, time management apps are efficient for the whole family. From working professionals to growing learners aiming to manage hectic study and part-time schedules, time management apps are suitable for all within a family.

2Why do we need time management apps?

Ans: Time management apps not only fuel you to increase your personal but also professional efficiency. These apps lead you to enhanced productivity, saving time on simple tasks while allowing you to prioritise urgent engagements at hand!

3Why are time management apps important for students?

Ans: Time management apps enable students to become more confident and organised and learn things efficiently. Time management apps help them to control their study hours and thus divide their leisure hours accordingly.