BCA – Course Details, Admission, Fees: A Complete Overview

A Bachelor of Computer Applications degree, also known as BCA is a highly popular bachelor’s degree course for those who want to pursue a career in the tech sector. A BCA degree is in part with a BTech degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. It helps students build a solid foundation in computer science and computer applications. 

The skills and concepts you learn in this course help you understand computers and how to use them in a professional setting. 

Chandigarh University offers one of the most attractive and robust BCA programs currently. In the following column, we’ll discuss the BCA course details and get more insight into this program, such as its minimum eligibility requirements, the course curriculum, and more! 

What is the minimum eligibility criteria?

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a 3-year undergraduate program. Hence, it requires students to have passed 10+2 from a recognised board. Students that have passed 10+2 are eligible to apply for Chandigarh University’s Bachelor of Computer Applications program as well. Some institutes might also require their students to have a PCM or computer-related background. The program fee for Chandigarh University’s BCA program is INR 1,65,000. 

What are the BCA course subjects?

Typically, BCA course subjects include computer science, calculus, data structures, and other topics related to computer application. However, you should pick a BCA course that teaches you the latest and in-demand skills of the industry. 

For example, below are some of the subjects you’ll study in Chandigarh University’s BCA course:

1. Programming

One of the most crucial subjects in this degree course is programming. You’ll learn how to write code and how to develop different programs. It’s a rudimentary skill for software development, software engineering, cloud computing, and numerous other tech fields. You will learn about multiple programming languages and different programming concepts, including data structures and algorithms. 

2. Data Visualization

Data visualisation refers to representing data and information graphically. It uses visual elements such as graphs and charts to show data. Data visualisation is a vital skill for modern tech professions and is deeply related to data science and analytics. That’s because it allows data science professionals to find and share their insights more effectively. Data visualisation makes it much easier to identify trends and outliers in the data. 

3. Data Mining 

Data mining is the process of extracting and finding patterns in massive data sets. It uses machine learning, database systems, and statistics. Data mining, like data visualisation, is a must-have skill for big data professionals. Learning this skill will help you pursue various data science roles, which is why it’s included in the BCA program. There are many data mining applications in multiple industries as it helps in competitive analysis, market segmentation, and customer acquisition. 

4. Software Engineering

Software engineering has always been one of the most in-demand skills in India. This course also teaches you software engineering skills to help you build software applications using engineering concepts and approaches. You’ll learn about how to design, build, and test software applications that meet user requirements. The course will make you well-acquainted with software engineering principles and how they apply in real-world situations. 

5. Machine Learning

Machine learning refers to building software programs that automatically perform tasks and learn from every iteration without requiring human intervention. 

Machine learning has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Some of its applications include face recognition, recommender systems, autonomous vehicles, autocorrect, etc. The demand for machine learning experts has increased in different industries, including healthcare, research, retail, and e-commerce, to name a few.

6. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is also one of the various BCA course subjects present in this program. Cloud computing refers to building cloud-based solutions and applications. Cloud-based solutions have become increasingly popular, and having this skill will help you significantly in becoming a preferred candidate among tech companies. 

7. Soft Skills

Not only does this BCA course teach you the latest technology skills of the industry, but it also teaches you the soft skills a professional must-have. Having soft skills can help you stand out substantially from your peers. Some of the soft skills you can expect to learn in this program include communication, confidence, leadership, organisation, and interpersonal skills. With these skills, you can easily collaborate on projects and emerge as a leader in the workplace. 

8. Industry Applications

The BCA program will also teach you how to apply the concepts you studied in the course. You will work on various projects during the program, which will give you a simulation of the real-world applications of those subjects. 

Additional BCA details

Chandigarh University’s BCA program has many advantages that make it the perfect course for students who want a tech career. Its unique highlights make it stand out from other BCA programs present in the market. 

The program offers a 6-month internship opportunity and provides you with a flexible learning opportunity. It also offers additional certifications to students to help them ramp up their professional outlook and skills. These certifications include Business Analytics certification and GOI’s Startup India Learning Program. 

The course has 120 credits and provides you with 450+ hours of study material. On top of that, the program has 100+ live sessions where you can interact with your instructors and share your doubts and questions. The BCA course also offers 30+ case studies and projects to put your theoretical knowledge to the test.

The course allows you to learn from the industry’s best teachers and mentors through a smooth learning experience. Following are some additional highlights of the course: 

Specialisation Tracks:

CU’s BCA degree course offers three specialisation tracks to students. They are:

  • Job Track
  • Self-employment Track
  • Competitive Exam Track

Each track has its unique features, and you can choose the one which matches your career aspirations the most. 

The Job Track offers you a 6-month internship so you can learn the ins and outs of the industry and build your resume. It also provides you with the aptitude and soft skills training. This way, you’d know how to operate in the workplace and handle situations professionally. The Job Track also offers resume building and interview preparation support. They will make it easier for you to bag your desired roles and kickstart your career quickly. 

You’ll receive access to a job portal with 5000+ openings every month and get personalised career advice from industry mentors. The Job Track is for those who want to start a tech career in their desired organisations. It will provide you with the support you need to achieve this goal. 

The Self-employment track helps you learn the necessary skills to start operating as a self-employed professional. You will work on a 6-month live business project and get a certification from the Government of India’s Startup India Learning Program. This track also offers you access to upGrad’s Entrepreneurship program. Moreover, you’ll have a chance to network with and learn from many industry leaders. 

The Competitive Exam track is for those who are aspiring to crack various competitive exams organised in the country. This track allows you to prepare for an exam while getting a degree at an additional cost. You’ll get career assistance up to three years after graduating from the program and receive free soft skills and aptitude training with personalised mentorship for the first year. 

These specialisation tracks make the program highly customisable and unique. 

upGrad Career Support

upGrad promises advanced career support to its learners wherein they receive career counselling and personalised feedback from experts. 

You’ll get specific and personalised inputs on your resume content, design, and formatting style, so it catches the recruiters’ eyes. Another highlight is the dedicated interview preparation support. You’ll receive one-on-one mock interviews taken by industry experts and followed by meticulous feedback to help you find your strengths and weaknesses. 

The program also enables you to interview with upGrad’s various hiring partners and gives you exclusive access to the same. 

Live Doubt Resolution:

During the course, you’ll have access to a dedicated Q&A forum where you can get timely doubt resolution from teaching assistants and peers. You’ll also receive personalised feedback on the case studies and assignments you work on. There will be four live sessions per week with teaching assistants to help resolve your doubts. 


A BCA course is perfect for any candidate who wants to pursue a career in mobile application development, software development, software engineering, cybersecurity, blockchain, data science, etc. 

The bottom line – BCA graduates can find plenty of attractive choices for both employment and upskilling. Make sure to check out the BCA program we shared above! 

What do you study in a BCA course?

A BCA course teaches you the fundamentals of computers, how they work, their components, and their applications.

What fields are suitable for a BCA graduate?

BCA graduates can enter IT, telecommunications, martech, banking & financial services, and security and intelligence, to name a few.

What careers can I pursue after completing a BCA program?

You can pursue a career in the following roles after completing your BCA degree: 1. Database administrator 2. Software developer 3. Web developer 4. IT consultant

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