BA in Journalism and Mass Communication – Course Details, Admission, Fees

In the ocean of new and upcoming fields of study, a bachelor of arts degree continues to remain a popular choice for students who wish to take the conventional graduation pathway. Colleges and universities offer BA as a three-year program in various disciplines like science, journalism & mass communication, humanities, hospitality, psychology, etc. In practice, BA in Humanities and Journalism & Mass Communication top the list of most popular courses.

BA program or BA (Hons) can be taken up by students as a part-time, regular (full-time), or as a correspondence course. The program makes it mandatory for students to take up five subjects along with a few electives. The subjects will differ from one discipline to another. The degree provides a solid foundation for landing coveted job opportunities in diverse fields. 

In this article, we will explore the BA course details of the Journalism & Mass Communication degree and explore its significance in shaping the career of students beyond 10+2. So, let’s dive right in!

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication) from Chandigarh University 

The online bachelor of arts course offered by Chandigarh University in association with upGrad is a 3-year degree with personalised learning tracks and in-built internship opportunities. The program offers a flexible online learning model focusing on both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.  

Key Highlights

  • The program comprises over 80 live sessions from industry experts and experienced faculty.
  • Classes are held for 30 hours every week with over 450 hours of learning content.
  • There are more than 30 industry-based projects, assignments, and case studies included to provide a comprehensive and practical learning experience.
  • The online program brings an opportunity to earn a degree while working. 
  • Students can take up recorded assessments and examinations at their convenience.
  • The program gives candidates access to over 500 job opportunities per month.
  • Students earn an online degree from the UGC-approved and NAAC A+ accredited Chandigarh University.
  • The degree provides a strong foundation to pursue a master’s degree.

Why BA in Journalism and Mass Communications?

The 3-year long online program provides basic knowledge of the current media landscape, reporting basics, and online & offline editing techniques. The program also focuses on developing efficient communication skills relevant to the industry.

All these skills provide a winning edge to the students, making them eligible for working in ad agencies, broadcasting companies, newspapers, and modern media companies. 

Through the cutting-edge learning experience, they become confident to start their own business as budding entrepreneurs. Opportunities available to learners after completing the program are plenty. A few exciting career options post completion of the program are: Correspondent, Copywriter, Editor, VJ (Video jockey), PR managers, and PR officers.

BA Programme Details: What does the Syllabus for Journalism and Mass Communication Comprise?

The program curriculum covers 30 study hours per week. Typically, the duration of the program is 156 weeks, but the candidates will have to spend only half of this time on the platform. The rest of the time can be utilised for preparing for assessments, assignments (self-study), and participating in the discussion forum with peers. 

The program has a duration of three years divided into six semesters. The subjects covered in each semester are listed below.

Semester 1

  • Media literacy and critical thinking
  • Storytelling and critical thinking
  • Mass communication – A basic introduction
  • Reporting and editing of print media
  • Project on media
  • Theory + practicals on computer applications

Semester 2

  • Project+ Specialized reporting
  • Digital media
  • Introduction of film studies and a project on it
  • Laws and ethics of media
  • Learning about mass media and management

Semester 3

  • Media literacy and critical thinking
  • Project and storytelling
  • TV Journalism & its programming + project
  • Learning radio programming and a project
  • Media and society

Semester 4

  • Basics of public relations and a project
  • Basics of advertising and a project
  • Event management
  • Writing of digital media and content lab
  • Development communication

Semester 5

  • Reputation management and creative advertisement
  • Investigative journalism
  • Videography & photography and a project
  • Social media ( Content and marketing)
  • Research on media

Semester 6

  • Mini project
  • Field project or industry training

The program has a total of 20 assessment exams. Assigned faculty extend their complete support by making sure the queries are answered without fail. These assessments and examinations are pre-recorded and can be taken up at any convenient time by the candidates who have access to over 50 live sessions with senior faculties and industry people for learning important concepts related to the current market trends. 

There are over 25 assignments and projects to provide practical learning. The mode of learning is enhanced by the latest technologies. The schedules of lectures are given in advance to help students manage their time. Efficient use of discussion forums can help them resolve doubts within a day.

The learning path of each candidate is tracked by the mentors who provide personalized feedback to improve their learning skills. upGrad’s learning platform also includes coaching in non-academic skills like personality development, and effective communication. The curriculum also focuses on job support and helps the candidates in preparing for the interview and creating an impactful resume. 

In addition to this, students have the opportunity to create an effective network with fellow students across the globe and indulge in peer to peer learning. 

Internship Opportunities

As part of the internship program included in the last semester, students have two project choices:

1. Print Media Design

The project provides hands-on training in the following areas of print media:

  • Analyzing the value of the news
  • Article writing and editing
  • Designing impressive layouts for newspapers

2. Multimedia Production

The multimedia production internship program targets the following key areas: 

  • Imparting hands-on market research skills
  • Creating and designing PR campaigns
  • Generating audio & visual commercials

The curriculum also includes webinars, templates, recorded lectures, revision papers, and recorded demo videos to help with the projects. 

The program offers a great opportunity to gain free certifications in Business Analytics (BA), Entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. The certifications can be obtained during the course. 

BA Eligibility Prerequisites: How to enrol into the program?

Candidates should have completed 12th grade or an equivalent examination in any stream conducted by a registered and acknowledged board or university.

Here is the process of enrolling into the BA program: 

  • Step 1: The application form available in must be duly filled without discrepancy.
  • Step 2: An offer letter will be sent after perusal of the application form by an admission counsellor. 
  • Step 3: You can block your seat by paying a nominal fee of INR 10,000.

BA Course Fee: The total program fee is INR 1.35 lakhs. Students can choose to pay annually (INR 45,000) or semester-wise (INR 22,000). EMI options and one-year standard EMI options (Only for annual payment mode) are also available.

Batch Commencement: Admission is now open.

Take the road to progress with upGrad!

upGrad’s BA in Journalism and Mass Communications aims at providing the best learning experience with complete placement assistance by giving access to over 5000 job opportunities every month. The candidates are trained in essential soft skills and interview preparation to give them a competitive edge over others.

As we saw, the curriculum is conceptualized and designed based on the inputs of the best-in-class faculty and industry giants to make it comprehensive and future-based. The concepts are brought to life through live lectures formatted with the help of the latest technologies. 

Not only this, the course includes internship opportunities designed to make the candidates career-ready and help them enter the competitive world of journalism and mass communication. The time and effort invested in the program are sure to reap a multitude of benefits. So, get started on your learning journey today!

Can you opt for BA if you are from the Science stream?

Yes, students of all streams are eligible to pursue a BA degree. All you need is a certificate of 10+2 completion from any recognized university. Colleges usually have both direct admission processes and counselling-based admissions criteria.

Can I pursue UPSC after BA?

Yes, BA makes you eligible to apply for IAS entrance exams conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).

What is the salary of a BA Mass Communication and Journalism degree holder?

The average salary of a BA Journalism and Mass Communication graduate is INR 402k per year in India.

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