UpGrad Student Ankit Mishra on Staying Relevant in the Digital Race

This article was originally published by Ankit Mishra on LinkedIn Pulse.
The story begins in the November of 2016 when I was contemplating the shifting landscape of news media in Chhattisgarh while staring at the fluffy white clouds sailing across blue skies.
After working as a reporter for different news dailies for about 8 years in Raipur – the capital city of Chhattisgarh, I experienced that the momentum of media moving online had picked up the pace. The worst thing about it was that I found it hard to handle the new circumstances. Internet, even with all its powers, can sometimes be overwhelming if you are searching for coherent answers.
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Anyway, at times there are blessings in disguise. A few months later in December 2016, I started working for my current company which is supporting the Government of Chhattisgarh to bring their departments and district administration on various social media platforms. My new job empowered me to dive deep into the world of social media, introduced me to terms like engagement and made me aware of how powerful a tool it is.
Ankit Mishra on Staying Relevant in the Digital Race- Learning Digital Marketing! UpGrad Blog
To me though, this wasn’t enough. I wanted to know more and be better at it. I realized, in order to learn things better so that I could enhance my work I have to look for a course that makes me a holistic marketer while not affecting my work life, negatively.
After doing some research, I came across the Strategic Digital Marketing program offering by UpGrad and Cambridge Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge. A course that seemed effective and within my budget. Being able to learn from Cambridge faculty, one of the top universities in the world was another motivation for me. The added benefit of being able to be a part of the international student network was the cherry on top. It was a no-brainer that I would join the program.
Leading in the Digital Age: UpGrad and Cambridge Judge Business School

Needless to say, the course delivered on my expectations. The experience so far has been wonderful. Most of the times I watch recorded lectures on my mobile, which is fantastic. The mobility and freedom to learn at a well-adjusted pace are also excellent. I would highly recommend this program to anyone at a critical juncture in their career, where they feel the need to upskill in marketing/digital marketing with a view to develop managerial acumen, through strategic thinking.

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