5 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Their Mother

It is said that an entrepreneur needs to nurture his company like a little child is nurtured by his mother. A mother has to look at multiple aspects of a child’s life. It can involve from looking after the diet and health of the child to looking after his studies and extra-curricular activities. Likewise, even an entrepreneur has to keep a track of all the activities of his company from business development to operations, to finance and legal aspects, etc.

There are many things an entrepreneur can learn from his mother which can play an important role in the management and development of a startup. This Mother’s Day we try to list down  5 qualities that make mothers a role model for entrepreneurs.

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    1. Multi-tasking
      Mothers are the masters of multi-tasking. She cooks food, remembers to pick up the children from school at the same time remembers to get the office report done. All these roles she juggles very effortlessly. A mother is the best example an entrepreneur can look at as a case study to learn multi-tasking.
    2. Patience
      A mother has to clean up after the child, keep his food habit in mind and cook, remember the timing of his cricket coaching and also keep a track of his studies. In return, a mother gets rarely gets a thank you, is often taken for granted and sometimes even insulted by the child. Keeping all these things aside a mother patiently works towards the child’s upbringing for more minimum 14 years. Working in your enterprise without expecting immediate returns requires this kind of superhuman patience.
    3. Fiscal Discipline
      Say whatever you want, but mothers are the best financial managers in the world. With the amount of money that she has with her, she not only manages to take care of the groceries and other household items but also finds enough resources to buy her daughter the cycle that she has been wanting for a very long time. Running such a tight ship, called family is only possible by the fiscal discipline which every entrepreneur needs to learn.
    4. Perseverance
      In a mother’s life, there are a lot of failures, sacrifices and moments of despair. A child can never really understand this side of a mother, but every mother has faced these nightmares. She just keeps working towards her objective of looking after her family despite all the obstacles she faces day to day. This mind-boggling quality of a mother is what every entrepreneur must take up.
    5. Ability to listen
      The ability to listen is the most powerful gift endowed on a mother. She knows what is wrong with her child by just listening to him and the people around him. From a child’s infancy when every cry of has to be deciphered to his teenage years when a child hesitates to share his problems, a mother can still know what a child is going through. Every entrepreneur must develop this ability to listen to the employees about their problems, to the market to know the demand and to the customer feedback to know the drawbacks. This ability of a mother is a must for every entrepreneur to learn. It is said that a wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends and mothers most certainly are more important. All these qualities are needed for an entrepreneur in abundance and there can be no better teacher than your own mother. After all, she is the first mentor of life.

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